Thank you all – AGAIN!

Well the time has come again to offer you all another big THANK YOU for the support ! The last time wa for 10,000 hits on this blog. That was way back in May. Now, as of today, this blog has passed 15,000 views. That is in 3 months! It took 1 1/2 years to get the first 10,000, and 3 month to get another 5,000 – AMAZING!

THANK YOU AGAIN – I’ll keep trying to put fairly frequent update on here!

P.S. – radio install update coming next week


6 responses to “Thank you all – AGAIN!

  1. I have just acquired two m38a1s. An Army and USMC, and I intend to restore both. I would like to subscribe to your blog. Thx in advance.

  2. working on late 53 or 54 I am just getting ready for paint and finishing up the engine installation and I noticed what looks like a valve on the fuel line just before the fuel pump on yours is that original? I baught the repop flex fuel line and it was short to the original tubing and I was wondering why. I am trying to keep to all original military on it. I am even keeping the water fording system intact even though I here it gives problems. anyway if you could add a better pix of the fuel line and valve just below the radiator I would like to see it. Thanks
    sorry don’t have a web site

    • Hi Kim,

      Yes, all M38a1 and M38 had the fuel shutoff valve installed from the factory. The flex fuel line goes from the shutoff to the carb.
      The fording system doesn’t really cause problems as long as you set it up correctly (as in – make sure the valves are open when the fording handle is pushed in). Also, the fording system was deleted in late ’53 on, except on USMC version.
      I’ll see if I have a better pic for you.

  3. Hey Kim,

    Here’s a couple of links to pics. You can click on the pics to zoom in if you need to.

    The first one is on my Jeep under the heading “Halfway done with the pump”

    The second is on a pump installation for a friend, under the heading “Got the pump installed”, November 22nd:

    And one last one from “Helping a friend out” showing the valve.:

    Hope these help.

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