I checked some vent lines this morning – all clear. So when I got home this afternoon I pulled the carb and installed my spare in its place. Fired her up and she ran great! After it warmed up, I took it for a ride around the field and down the road a few times. I drove around under varying conditions (slow/low range to road speed/high range) and it ran GREAT.

I called my friend and told him that he needed to order a rebuilt carb and that he could come pick up the Jeep so he could drive it around for the next 8 days while I’m working (and waiting on the new carb). Maybe he will have a few nice warm days to play with it.

He still has a few things that need attention, like temp gauge not working, wipers not working (despite having a new pump), throw out bearing noise and soft clutch (that needs adjusting), banging noise under body and VERY noisy 1st gear and popping out of 2nd). We will work on these as he has the money and I have the time – maybe over the winter we can get her in shape.

Other than those problems, he has a good, rust free Jeep with ok paint and good interior/top that runs great.

Got the pump installed

Got the pump installed but of course there are still problems. The Jeep will run until it warms up, then starts shutting off. It will start back up pretty easily with a pull and push of the choke. Might be a carb problem. The throttle shaft has a lot of play in it.

On my few trips up and down the driveway, I noted quite a few more problems to add to the list.

  • Throw out bearing is raising hell and the clutch is pretty soft – I’m sure these will need replacing soon, but it is mobile for now.
  • There was a knocking sound under the body that turned out to be loose body mount bolts – all of them! I tightened them up and replaced one nut that was missing completely.
  • There is still a knocking under there when you go over a big bump.
  • Temp gauge isn’t working
  • No vacuum at the wiper tee, so wipers aren’t working
  • A LOT of gear noise! I really think there is NO gear oil in either one or all of the gear boxes/differentials – it’s really that bad.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, so unless I get home before dark tonight, my work is done on this Jeep until next week.

Helping a friend out

Helping my 78yo Army vet friend out by installing a correct military fuel pump on his a1. Turns out he has a CJ engine, so I had to modify the front engine plate to get the pump to fit. 2.5hrs later,  at least I have the new oil line, fuel pump and one vacuum line installed. All that’s left is to  buy, make and install the pump to carb fuel line and buy a couple of adaptors for the flex fuel line and pump to windshield wiper line. 

He had taken the Jeep to a local auto repair place (shadetree) to have the pump installed. When he couldn’t get everything to fall right in place, he said it didn’t fit and recommended installing an electric one. The Jeep ran great going down the road, but once stopped it wouldn’t restart – flooding. Plus he wired it to an on/off switch on the dash. AND it was a universal 4/6/8 cyl, 12v pump, – no wonder it flooded (no telling how many psi it was putting out, and the Jeep only takes 4psi without flooding).

He needs his a1 done for the Christmas parade,  so instead of ordering parts,  I used my pump spacer, bolts, flex line and brass elbows. I’ll order new ones for my fuel pump install. 

Looky looky

Look at what showed up on the porch today! It looks pretty good – you can tell it is just rebuilt because there are some tool marks on it and the foot is a little worn,  but I wasn’t looking for a factory show piece that was re anodized and all.  They bead blast the body,  clean it and reassemble with a new kit.  good enough for me! Now,  I just can’t wait to install it! I  will have to go buy a couple of elbows before I can.  I’m also thinking about making new fuel and pcv lines while I’m at it. 

It’s been a while

Yeah, yeah, I know! It has been a LONG time since I actually posted anything worth reading.

A couple of weeks ago, an old veteran neighbor of mine called and asked if I could install a factory carb on his M38a1. He bought a rebuilt one from a well known mil veh parts supplier because he wants the Jeep to be as stock as possible. He took it to a local place, but they said it wouldn’t fit! I have a feeling that they just didn’t want to mess with it (or didn’t know how to work on a “REAL” Jeep). I told him I would do it for him the next time I was off.

Well that got me to thinking. I have been wanting to put a military fuel pump on mine for a long time. So I emailed Midwest Military to ask a few questions. My original pump was missing a few parts (namely the priming lever and attaching hardware), so I needed to find out how much it was going to cost me. a few days later, Dan called me back to talk about it. I asked my questions, he told me to just order one, send back my core, and any missing parts would be deducted from my core value – simple enough! I think the rebuild price was $170 + core. I also ordered the special attaching bolts and flex hose. My total came to $268. He said it would come “ready to bolt on”. I haven’t received it yet, but should have it, ready to install next week when I get off from work.

Next, I started looking for an exhaust valve like the ones in my engine. There are plenty on eBay, but not like mine. I found an auction from France, but the shipping is a killer. I’m trying to get most of the parts I need for my engine before I take it to the machine shop.

Lastly, I ordered an NOS fuel sending unit off of eBay to hopefully fix my fuel level problem. I just ran across the auction and couldn’t resist for the price! you just can’t beat $43 delivered! I received it yesterday and installed it today. The fuel level is still kind of iffy. I think I need to bend the float arm a little to make it read correctly. That will be a project for a later date – for now, we’ll just call it the “Reserve”.


The last thing I have been working on is finding some doors (AGAIN). I contacted a guy on a forum, but he said it would be a few weeks before he could go check his barn for them. I also contacted Canvasco. They are an outfit in the UK, but they ship to the US. Their prices are pretty good actually. They have new frames that they will sell separately, or you can buy the whole enclosure kit, or doors and skins. I was just worried that their canvas wouldn’t match mine from WeeBee Webbing, so that will be a last resort.

50,000 blog views!

I never would’ve thought that this blog would’ve gotten this much attention in a little over 4 years! Now I feel like I am shorting everyone on content – since I really haven’t done anything WITH or TO the Jeep (or trailer) in a while. If only WordPress would have paid me $0.05/view, I could afford to have the engine rebuilt in the Jeep!

Thank you for your continued support and interest in my blog! Maybe after the heat of the summer is gone I will get back on the trailer and engine rebuild.

2016 North Carolina Military Vehicle Rally and Show




I FINALLY made it to the rally a little after 12 on Friday. I left the house an hour late because I couldn’t get the right trailer light to work. THEN, I had to stop by the bank to get a new debit card because my # was stolen on Thursday and I had to cancel that card. It took about an hour to get the new one. I also had to withdraw money because the new card wouldn’t be useable until Saturday (I needed cash for the show anyway). The last thing I had to do was stop by the store to buy some magnetic trailer lights for the trailer to keep from getting stopped. I was on the road slightly more than 2 hrs LATER than planned.

I had to get at least one pic of the Jeep at the show. I kept it at my campsite to draw people over to my “For Sale” trailer. I did not take the Jeep on the convoy to the BBQ. I just didn’t feel good about the condition of the engine PLUS it was going to be COLD on the way back! The show was pretty good – we had over 50 vehicles from VA, NC, SC, GA, and TN.

Here is the link to the start of the pics of the rally: 2016 Denton rally

And the BBQ convoy start video: 2016 Denton rally BBQ convoy

We had 34 vehicles that went on the BBQ convoy Friday afternoon. We got split up into two groups when an M37 in the convoy blew a tire and everyone behind ended up stopping with him instead of continuing on. I was riding with a young guy in a bobbed deuce that scared the crap out of me with his driving! I rode back with someone else in a Dodge M880. I don’t know the official count of people at the BBQ,but I would guess somewhere in the 75-85 range. We went through 60# of BBQ plus pork and beans, green beans and potatoes, cole slaw and hush puppies!

I took a bunch of odds and ends that I pulled out of the shop to sell. I ended up selling the RT68, 12v power supply and early M151/AB15 to a guy and his son to mount in the M38 they are restoring. I also sold a military fire ext, some dash lights, some weather stripping and some magazines (which I forgot to take and would’ve sold a BUNCH of them!). I basically sold enough stuff to pay for my trip! Good enough!

I finally met up with one of the guys (Al Harvey) I have been talking to on the forums for years – we always seem to miss each other at the GA rally. It’s always nice to put a face to the name!

I bought a few things while there. I got a 40mm ammo can, a left side tail light with good wiring for the M100, a pair of desert camo fatigue pants, a case of MREs for another guy, a rally t shirt and a challenge coin for me and one for Jordan.

Until next time……