Nice day for a ride

I got the jeep out of the shop today and took her for a nice ~15 mile ride – because it is 76deg in SC today! She’s mighty dirty because she’s been sitting in the shop while I’ve been doing the body work on the ’64 M38a1.

White she was outside of the shop, I went ahead and turned the rear top bow brackets around, which required adding and repainting them – glad I had some 24087 in the spray can left! I found this info on the g503 forum last night. Always wondered why it was so hard to get the bows to fit in between the rear brackets!

Also found out that the wing screw for the brackets is supposed to be installed from the inside!

When I was backing out of the shop, I backed into a chair sitting behind the jeep – I can’t do anything without messing something up! At least it was only the tag!

2 responses to “Nice day for a ride

    • Thanks Bobby! The title says its a ’54, but the serial number is late ’53. First off, are you on the or forums? There is tons of information available and experts that can help to solve any problem you are having with the military Jeeps on these forums.

      Joining the MVPA ( to help with the hobby – they send out a couple of magazines: Army Motors usually contains information on the history of different military vehicles, restoration info and tips, and have plenty of vendors advertising in Supply Line magazine. If you join, mention my email address (

      Military Vehicles Magazine ( is also an excellent source of info like the official magazines from the MVPA. It contains more of the same info and basically the same advertisers (there aren’t a whole lot of them around because it is a small hobby – but we are growing again! I have been in the hobby since I bought my Jeep back in 1997.

      I have bought parts from just about all of the main surplus dealers. Midwest Military, Peter Debella, Rapco, Army Jeep Parts, RFJP, and many more. I buy a lot of my parts from QTM Parts now. The surplus parts are starting to dry up – not a whole lot of them left out there. That being the case, you will see a lot of reproduction parts from MD Juan (marketed under Omix Ada or Rugged Ridge mainly) basically, if it is a cheap new part it is a reproduction. Pretty much ALL sheetmetal parts are MD Juan, because they are the only game in town (actually, the Philippines). Some of the main Jeep part dealers are starting to get into the game now though – they will tell you they are made in the USA though (and the price will show it!). I think these parts are made by the same company because their prices are consistent between dealers. One note about MD Juan parts – THEY ARE NOT PERFECT REPRODUCTIONS! You WILL have to do some work on anything you buy from them! I guess the old saying “you get what you pay for” comes into play here. Kaiser Willys sells primarily MD Juan parts. – at US made prices. There are only a few canvas suppliers – WeeBee Webbing, New Life Canvas, Beachwood Canvvas, Surplus City. I have bought all of my canvas from WeeBee and am always happy with their products.
      I hope this helps and let me know if you need any more help.

      Also, did you check out my blog about the new M38a1 – the 1964 USMC one? I just put links at the top of the blog for these other pages. If you want to follow the blogs, hit the Follow button and it will send you an email when I update them.

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