It’s hard to believe that this blog is still getting the traffic that it is after 5 1/2 yrs! It’s still averaging about 800 views per month even though I have moved on to working on my ’64 M38a1 and not updating this blog very much. Thanks for the support! I don’t get any money for the traffic on these blogs (although I wish I did) – I just do it to (hopefully) help someone out on their project M38a1

Nice day for a ride

I got the jeep out of the shop today and took her for a nice ~15 mile ride – because it is 76deg in SC today! She’s mighty dirty because she’s been sitting in the shop while I’ve been doing the body work on the ’64 M38a1.

White she was outside of the shop, I went ahead and turned the rear top bow brackets around, which required adding and repainting them – glad I had some 24087 in the spray can left! I found this info on the g503 forum last night. Always wondered why it was so hard to get the bows to fit in between the rear brackets!

Also found out that the wing screw for the brackets is supposed to be installed from the inside!

When I was backing out of the shop, I backed into a chair sitting behind the jeep – I can’t do anything without messing something up! At least it was only the tag!