My NOS winter enclosure kit is here!

After 5 yrs of searching I finally scored some doors! Actually a full NOS winter enclosure kit. I’m not sure how old it is, but the packaging looks PRETTY OLD. I had my doubts about the canvas and plastic condition when I ordered it, but the seller said the canvas was NOT dry rotted and the windows were still clear and pliable.

I went to the next town to pick up the package because it was oversize. The box was about 4’x4′. When I opened the box and pulled the original packaging out of it, I was NOT thinking good thoughts! I was thinking the worst. The original tar impregnated paper wrapping was dry rotted and falling apart.



I cut the string holding the wrapping together and unfolded it until I reached the first piece of cardboard covering the first side curtain. Once I removed it, I was pleasantly surprised at the condition! The canvas looked (and felt) great! The window was clear with a little haze, but I think window cleaner will clean that off. Two of the buckles had a little rust on them and there were a few very small specks of rust discoloring the canvas. The metal plate for the door handle had some rust on it also.


I removed the next piece of cardboard and the second side curtain was in similar condition. Under the next piece of cardboard was the driver door. The frame had a few rust places on it and some of the turn buttons had some corrosion. The canvas was perfect (except for a few places where it contacted something that was rusted), and the windows were great! The door handles has a little rust on them, but not bad.


The hardware kit was still in the original bag and the channels for the upper door were in their original package. The hardware kit was pretty much complete (missing the 4 – 1/4″x 1 1/4″ bolts for the upper hinges and 2 – 6/32″ nuts (the screws were there) for the vertical side curtain rod upper bracket.


Unboxing an NOS M38a1 winter enclosure kit (part 1)

Unboxing an NOS M38a1 winter enclosure kit (part 2)

I looked at the kit laying on the floor while I drank a beer and decided to go ahead and start installing it. I installed the driver side curtain first. The vertical rod upper bracket that I welded on the top horizontal rod was in the wrong place (of course!), so the side curtain wasn’t tight. Next, I installed the door without securing the upper part of the cover.



Next, I opened up the door and marked the position for the turn buttons, drilled the holes and installed them.


I made sure they were in the correct position, then removed the door (had to remove the upper hinge to remove the door. I slid the upper part of the door cover into the rope channel, then reattached the upper hinge and secured the turn buttons. When I closed the door and secured with the door handle. The canvas was tight, but pulled itself in the frame to its final position.



Once I remove the upper side curtain lug and install the adjustable bracket that came in the hardware kit, then adjust the side curtain rod to vertical, it will look pretty good!




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