Wesley Memorial UNC first annual car show

Yesterday we had to get up early for the Girls On The run 5k which started at 8AM – 20 miles from home. It was 52deg and drizzling – NOT the ideal way to start a run! We finished in 47 min – not our best time,  but at least we finished and NOT at the end of the pack!

As soon as we crossed the finish line we had to run over to the test to pick up Jordan’s t-shirt, then had to jump in the car so we could get home to change cloths, jump in the Jeep and get to the car show which started at 8:30.

My cousin and I would be convoying to show via, the back roads, to the show about 15 miles away. When we turned into the driveway, he was already waiting on us. We got to the house, changed cloths, jumped in the Jeep and I met him at the end of the drive. He went to start his 1930 A model pickup and – nothing. I pushed him off and it started up, but choked down – didn’t have any slope left, so I couldn’t push it off again. I ran back to the house and grabbed the jumper cables, got back and hooked up (it is converted to 12v) – she fired right up and we were off! We had a nice drive to the show at about 40mph on the back roads and around 45 on the 4 miles of highway. Nobody crowded or pushed us on the way.

When we got to the church, there were only about 14 other vehicles there, so we had our choice of places to park. We parked at the end, set up and went to register.










They started judging about 1:30 and presented awards around 2. Surprise, surprise – I won “Fans Pick” and Brian won “Pastor’s Choice”!

We had to take off right after the awards because the clouds were mighty dark – Brian doesn’t have ANY windshield wipers installed and mine aren’t the greatest! We headed home on the same route and didn’t have any problems with traffic. We got within a mile of the house and Brian’s truck radiator cap blew open and threw antifreeze about 10 feet in the air – covered his windshield and front of the truck. It looked like he ran through a deep water hole – even got on the Jeep 40 feet behind him! He pulled into the yard and washed it off and filled the radiator back up. Everything was OK.

It was a long day, but a good one!

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