Hood painted and other

I went out to sand and paint the inner hood this morning, The primer was still soft! I have NEVER has a problem with Rustoleum primer! I set it out in the sun for a little while and was able to sand it a little better, but ultimately had to go ahead and paint it. It wasn’t completely smooth, but it will do for the time being.


While the paint was drying, I finished another little project that has been bugging me – the star on the antenna mount. It was a pain because the stencil is about 5 yrs old – didn’t want to stick very well. But with a little masking tape and a little paint thinner to clean up the overspray afterward – it is done!


One other thing I marked off the list was replacing the ratty decals under the hood. The decals on the air cleaner pre cleaner was pretty much gone and the one on the inner fender well was also. I had a partial kit left from a few years back that just happened to have the ones I needed in it.


The one on the top of the oil filter needs replacing too, but I couldn’t decide whether to replace it or not – so I didn’t.

I got an email from Rick at Old Jeep Carbs LLC the other day saying that my carb was done. He sent me some “Glamour shots”

Today he sent me an email saying that it was done and tested – and sent me a link to the video of it running on his CJ5.

Carb testing

Excellent service from Rick – total price including replacing the missing choke bracket and replacing the leaking float plus shipping was a good bit cheaper than Midwest Military’s basic rebuild and comes with a 1 yr warranty from the date of install! His website is Old Jeep Carbs .

Now, do I install it on this Jeep or the other one?

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