Working on hood

I FINALLY got around to finishing the hood! It’s one of those unfinished things that has been bugging me for years. I figure with this car show coming up next month I would finish stripping, paint and stencil the underside of the hood. That way I can open the hood for display of the engine compartment.

I cleaned the underside of the hood a couple of years ago with Superclean and noticed that the undercoating was starting to melt away. So that was the first thing I tried today. It started to melt the undercoating, but dried before it finished the job. For some reason, after it dried, the undercoating was more brittle and chipped away easier. So after about an hour of chipping, I sanded it with the DA sander and cleaned it with paint thinner. To my amazement, the PAINT THINNER melted the undercoating instantly! Well that was an hour wasted when all I had to do was wipe it with thinner! It cleaned up pretty good, but still had some gouges from scraping.


I spray bombed it with Rustoleum primer. I will DA it again in a day or two and spray some color. Then all I have left to do is paint the stencil and find a shovel for display.


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