More parts

I am almost finished buying the parts I know I will need when I rebuild my engine. I know that I am going to be replacing the valve guides and at least one exhaust valve. I started looking around for a replacement valve, but couldn’t find one like I had (different lock cutout for the roto valve system). I finally located one at one of the main online jeep parts dealers. BUT, they wanted $23 + shipping – FOR 1 VALVE! 

I located a pair of NOS Willys valves in the original tube on eBay for $10, but they were in Italy. So I contacted the seller. He said he would ship to the US for $18. By the time we established this,  someone had already used Buy It Now.  So I contacted the seller again – he said he had more and would list them. When he listed them I noticed that the price had doubled to $20 – and used the same picture.  What the hell, still cheaper than buying 2 valves from the US – including shipping! Anyhow, I received the package today,  and this is what I received! 

BTW, there are 2 valves in the NOS Willys tube also!  That’s right,  I got  4 NOS Willys valves, delivered gym Italy, for $40! It would’ve cost  $40 to get just 1 valve delivered in the US! That is ridiculous – price gouging. Now I can do it right and replace all of my valves and guides when I rebuild my engine. 

I guess the next thing I need to do is find a machine shop to check the block and do what needs to be done.  Then I can order my rings (hopefully I won’t have to buy pistons) and bearings. I guess I could go ahead and order the gasket set and water pump. The head has already been rebuilt,  waiting to be installed. 

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