Got the pump installed

Got the pump installed but of course there are still problems. The Jeep will run until it warms up, then starts shutting off. It will start back up pretty easily with a pull and push of the choke. Might be a carb problem. The throttle shaft has a lot of play in it.

On my few trips up and down the driveway, I noted quite a few more problems to add to the list.

  • Throw out bearing is raising hell and the clutch is pretty soft – I’m sure these will need replacing soon, but it is mobile for now.
  • There was a knocking sound under the body that turned out to be loose body mount bolts – all of them! I tightened them up and replaced one nut that was missing completely.
  • There is still a knocking under there when you go over a big bump.
  • Temp gauge isn’t working
  • No vacuum at the wiper tee, so wipers aren’t working
  • A LOT of gear noise! I really think there is NO gear oil in either one or all of the gear boxes/differentials – it’s really that bad.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, so unless I get home before dark tonight, my work is done on this Jeep until next week.

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