Helping a friend out

Helping my 78yo Army vet friend out by installing a correct military fuel pump on his a1. Turns out he has a CJ engine, so I had to modify the front engine plate to get the pump to fit. 2.5hrs later,  at least I have the new oil line, fuel pump and one vacuum line installed. All that’s left is to  buy, make and install the pump to carb fuel line and buy a couple of adaptors for the flex fuel line and pump to windshield wiper line. 

He had taken the Jeep to a local auto repair place (shadetree) to have the pump installed. When he couldn’t get everything to fall right in place, he said it didn’t fit and recommended installing an electric one. The Jeep ran great going down the road, but once stopped it wouldn’t restart – flooding. Plus he wired it to an on/off switch on the dash. AND it was a universal 4/6/8 cyl, 12v pump, – no wonder it flooded (no telling how many psi it was putting out, and the Jeep only takes 4psi without flooding).

He needs his a1 done for the Christmas parade,  so instead of ordering parts,  I used my pump spacer, bolts, flex line and brass elbows. I’ll order new ones for my fuel pump install. 


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