I checked some vent lines this morning – all clear. So when I got home this afternoon I pulled the carb and installed my spare in its place. Fired her up and she ran great! After it warmed up, I took it for a ride around the field and down the road a few times. I drove around under varying conditions (slow/low range to road speed/high range) and it ran GREAT.

I called my friend and told him that he needed to order a rebuilt carb and that he could come pick up the Jeep so he could drive it around for the next 8 days while I’m working (and waiting on the new carb). Maybe he will have a few nice warm days to play with it.

He still has a few things that need attention, like temp gauge not working, wipers not working (despite having a new pump), throw out bearing noise and soft clutch (that needs adjusting), banging noise under body and VERY noisy 1st gear and popping out of 2nd). We will work on these as he has the money and I have the time – maybe over the winter we can get her in shape.

Other than those problems, he has a good, rust free Jeep with ok paint and good interior/top that runs great.

Got the pump installed

Got the pump installed but of course there are still problems. The Jeep will run until it warms up, then starts shutting off. It will start back up pretty easily with a pull and push of the choke. Might be a carb problem. The throttle shaft has a lot of play in it.

On my few trips up and down the driveway, I noted quite a few more problems to add to the list.

  • Throw out bearing is raising hell and the clutch is pretty soft – I’m sure these will need replacing soon, but it is mobile for now.
  • There was a knocking sound under the body that turned out to be loose body mount bolts – all of them! I tightened them up and replaced one nut that was missing completely.
  • There is still a knocking under there when you go over a big bump.
  • Temp gauge isn’t working
  • No vacuum at the wiper tee, so wipers aren’t working
  • A LOT of gear noise! I really think there is NO gear oil in either one or all of the gear boxes/differentials – it’s really that bad.

I have to go back to work tomorrow, so unless I get home before dark tonight, my work is done on this Jeep until next week.

Helping a friend out

Helping my 78yo Army vet friend out by installing a correct military fuel pump on his a1. Turns out he has a CJ engine, so I had to modify the front engine plate to get the pump to fit. 2.5hrs later,  at least I have the new oil line, fuel pump and one vacuum line installed. All that’s left is to  buy, make and install the pump to carb fuel line and buy a couple of adaptors for the flex fuel line and pump to windshield wiper line. 

He had taken the Jeep to a local auto repair place (shadetree) to have the pump installed. When he couldn’t get everything to fall right in place, he said it didn’t fit and recommended installing an electric one. The Jeep ran great going down the road, but once stopped it wouldn’t restart – flooding. Plus he wired it to an on/off switch on the dash. AND it was a universal 4/6/8 cyl, 12v pump, – no wonder it flooded (no telling how many psi it was putting out, and the Jeep only takes 4psi without flooding).

He needs his a1 done for the Christmas parade,  so instead of ordering parts,  I used my pump spacer, bolts, flex line and brass elbows. I’ll order new ones for my fuel pump install.