Looky looky

Look at what showed up on the porch today! It looks pretty good – you can tell it is just rebuilt because there are some tool marks on it and the foot is a little worn,  but I wasn’t looking for a factory show piece that was re anodized and all.  They bead blast the body,  clean it and reassemble with a new kit.  good enough for me! Now,  I just can’t wait to install it! I  will have to go buy a couple of elbows before I can.  I’m also thinking about making new fuel and pcv lines while I’m at it. 

It’s been a while

Yeah, yeah, I know! It has been a LONG time since I actually posted anything worth reading.

A couple of weeks ago, an old veteran neighbor of mine called and asked if I could install a factory carb on his M38a1. He bought a rebuilt one from a well known mil veh parts supplier because he wants the Jeep to be as stock as possible. He took it to a local place, but they said it wouldn’t fit! I have a feeling that they just didn’t want to mess with it (or didn’t know how to work on a “REAL” Jeep). I told him I would do it for him the next time I was off.

Well that got me to thinking. I have been wanting to put a military fuel pump on mine for a long time. So I emailed Midwest Military to ask a few questions. My original pump was missing a few parts (namely the priming lever and attaching hardware), so I needed to find out how much it was going to cost me. a few days later, Dan called me back to talk about it. I asked my questions, he told me to just order one, send back my core, and any missing parts would be deducted from my core value – simple enough! I think the rebuild price was $170 + core. I also ordered the special attaching bolts and flex hose. My total came to $268. He said it would come “ready to bolt on”. I haven’t received it yet, but should have it, ready to install next week when I get off from work.

Next, I started looking for an exhaust valve like the ones in my engine. There are plenty on eBay, but not like mine. I found an auction from France, but the shipping is a killer. I’m trying to get most of the parts I need for my engine before I take it to the machine shop.

Lastly, I ordered an NOS fuel sending unit off of eBay to hopefully fix my fuel level problem. I just ran across the auction and couldn’t resist for the price! you just can’t beat $43 delivered! I received it yesterday and installed it today. The fuel level is still kind of iffy. I think I need to bend the float arm a little to make it read correctly. That will be a project for a later date – for now, we’ll just call it the “Reserve”.


The last thing I have been working on is finding some doors (AGAIN). I contacted a guy on a forum, but he said it would be a few weeks before he could go check his barn for them. I also contacted Canvasco. They are an outfit in the UK, but they ship to the US. Their prices are pretty good actually. They have new frames that they will sell separately, or you can buy the whole enclosure kit, or doors and skins. I was just worried that their canvas wouldn’t match mine from WeeBee Webbing, so that will be a last resort.