Ready for the rally

I got my new brake line “Y” in the mail and installed it on Friday, bled the system and went for a test drive of about 8 miles. The ignition adjustment did it some justice – I was holding 60mph for about 5 of those, having to slow down because of a car in front of me. Brakes seemed to work fine. That’s all I did that day.

Tuesday, I got her out and washed and dried her by hand. Then I decided to take the long route to the gas station that sells non-ethanol gas. Once filled up, I headed back to the house. She was running really good and the weather was excellent Jeep weather, so I kept on going – to the next town about 8 miles away. I held her at 45 mph. Right before I turned off the highway, I looked down at the oil pressure gauge – it was reading 30psi. When I entered the little town at about 15mph, the pressure was reading about 15-20psi. I figured it would probably be best to head home because this didn’t seem high enough. On the way home, I held her at 45mph again and the pressure stayed about 28psi. It could be the sending unit or gauge – the only sure way to tell is to plumb one into the oil system.Rally time

Once I got home, I pulled into the shop to look for leaks. I didn’t find any oil leaks and the level was fine, but looked thinned out. I decided to change it because it looked thin and the last time I changed it was 4/29/12! I ran to town and bought a gallon of 10w30. Once home, I slid under the Jeep to drain it and found a brake fluid leak! I pulled the drain plug and tightened the brake line while I was under there. I didn’t have time to do anything else that day. Hopefully the new oil will solve the low oil pressure problem and tightening the line fixed the leak – it wasn’t dripping when I looked.

So tomorrow morning I leave for the rally. Planning on starting to load at 6am and leave before 8. I serviced the trailer bearings and brakes on Wednesday, so it’s ready to go with a new spare tire also.


2 responses to “Ready for the rally

  1. Just doing a little research for my restoration and found your blog. Great stuff and a really good looking M38A1. I needed a little inspiration and I found it in your blog.

    • Thanks! Everybody needs a little inspiration when they get bogged down – glad to help! I am actually at a rally this weekend showing the Jeep. It is a lot of fun talking to people about it and answering questions about it – and of course taking them for rides. Keep up with yours and get it out in the parades and shows – it will be worth all of the hard work!

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