2016 North Carolina Military Vehicle Rally and Show




I FINALLY made it to the rally a little after 12 on Friday. I left the house an hour late because I couldn’t get the right trailer light to work. THEN, I had to stop by the bank to get a new debit card because my # was stolen on Thursday and I had to cancel that card. It took about an hour to get the new one. I also had to withdraw money because the new card wouldn’t be useable until Saturday (I needed cash for the show anyway). The last thing I had to do was stop by the store to buy some magnetic trailer lights for the trailer to keep from getting stopped. I was on the road slightly more than 2 hrs LATER than planned.

I had to get at least one pic of the Jeep at the show. I kept it at my campsite to draw people over to my “For Sale” trailer. I did not take the Jeep on the convoy to the BBQ. I just didn’t feel good about the condition of the engine PLUS it was going to be COLD on the way back! The show was pretty good – we had over 50 vehicles from VA, NC, SC, GA, and TN.

Here is the link to the start of the pics of the rally: 2016 Denton rally

And the BBQ convoy start video: 2016 Denton rally BBQ convoy

We had 34 vehicles that went on the BBQ convoy Friday afternoon. We got split up into two groups when an M37 in the convoy blew a tire and everyone behind ended up stopping with him instead of continuing on. I was riding with a young guy in a bobbed deuce that scared the crap out of me with his driving! I rode back with someone else in a Dodge M880. I don’t know the official count of people at the BBQ,but I would guess somewhere in the 75-85 range. We went through 60# of BBQ plus pork and beans, green beans and potatoes, cole slaw and hush puppies!

I took a bunch of odds and ends that I pulled out of the shop to sell. I ended up selling the RT68, 12v power supply and early M151/AB15 to a guy and his son to mount in the M38 they are restoring. I also sold a military fire ext, some dash lights, some weather stripping and some magazines (which I forgot to take and would’ve sold a BUNCH of them!). I basically sold enough stuff to pay for my trip! Good enough!

I finally met up with one of the guys (Al Harvey) I have been talking to on the forums for years – we always seem to miss each other at the GA rally. It’s always nice to put a face to the name!

I bought a few things while there. I got a 40mm ammo can, a left side tail light with good wiring for the M100, a pair of desert camo fatigue pants, a case of MREs for another guy, a rally t shirt and a challenge coin for me and one for Jordan.

Until next time……

Ready for the rally

I got my new brake line “Y” in the mail and installed it on Friday, bled the system and went for a test drive of about 8 miles. The ignition adjustment did it some justice – I was holding 60mph for about 5 of those, having to slow down because of a car in front of me. Brakes seemed to work fine. That’s all I did that day.

Tuesday, I got her out and washed and dried her by hand. Then I decided to take the long route to the gas station that sells non-ethanol gas. Once filled up, I headed back to the house. She was running really good and the weather was excellent Jeep weather, so I kept on going – to the next town about 8 miles away. I held her at 45 mph. Right before I turned off the highway, I looked down at the oil pressure gauge – it was reading 30psi. When I entered the little town at about 15mph, the pressure was reading about 15-20psi. I figured it would probably be best to head home because this didn’t seem high enough. On the way home, I held her at 45mph again and the pressure stayed about 28psi. It could be the sending unit or gauge – the only sure way to tell is to plumb one into the oil system.Rally time

Once I got home, I pulled into the shop to look for leaks. I didn’t find any oil leaks and the level was fine, but looked thinned out. I decided to change it because it looked thin and the last time I changed it was 4/29/12! I ran to town and bought a gallon of 10w30. Once home, I slid under the Jeep to drain it and found a brake fluid leak! I pulled the drain plug and tightened the brake line while I was under there. I didn’t have time to do anything else that day. Hopefully the new oil will solve the low oil pressure problem and tightening the line fixed the leak – it wasn’t dripping when I looked.

So tomorrow morning I leave for the rally. Planning on starting to load at 6am and leave before 8. I serviced the trailer bearings and brakes on Wednesday, so it’s ready to go with a new spare tire also.