Started getting ready for the Denton rally

I put some gas in the Jeep last Friday. The batteries were still holding charge and she turned over for about a minute before catching and firing up. I haven’t cranked her in months or driven her since last April and she fired up pretty quick, and ran real good. I drove around the field and then down the road to jog my memory as to what needed to be worked on. First thing that I heard was that noisy a** parking brake! The second thing is the noisy a** valves.

So today I was determined to find the problem with the parking brake. I first tried to tighten the adjustment with no luck. Next I started jiggling stuff to see where the problem was. It looked like the inner brake shoe was wiggling pretty good and the arm was rubbing on the drum. So, I tore everything apart and examined the arm – it had a groove worn into it and the inner shoe was wiggling a lot! I removed it and decided I could either replace the shoes ($80) or fix the old ones that still have plenty of lining left. There was enough play that I could drill out the hole to 9/16″ and make a bushing for the shoe. I found a 3/8″stainless nut and used my mini lathe to turn it down and drill it out to 9/16″OD and 1/2″ID. That left just enough material to make a TIGHT fit. I assembled the shoe on the arm and oiled it up for a good fit. I assembled everything back on the drum, adjusted the linkage and adjustment nut. I also found that the skid plate was bent up, touching the arm – so I bent it down enough to keep it from contacting. I will take that off when I get a chance. Went for a test drive and viola! – no noise! The outer shoe holes also need to be done, but that will have to be at a later date.

Next up (possibly tomorrow) is a tune up with valve adjustment.


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