A little more work on the M100 completed

It was finally a nice day outside – and the most important part: I wasn’t working and didn’t have anything else that I HAD to do! It was 70deg and sunny on Feb 1st! Yesterday was nice too, but I had to do some maintenance on my daily driver before I could work on the Jeep or trailer.

Anyhow, today I started back on the M100. The main thing I wanted to do was finish the welding on the underside of it and get it primed. Well, the welding went pretty quick and so did the priming. All I had was about 15 tacks to clean up along the side on the outside, a few to add to the inside and a few to fix along the crossmembers (that I messed up by NOT starting with clean metal – hey, I’m NOT a welder!). Once those were done, I sprayed on some primer to keep the rust at bay. I still had plenty of time left this afternoon, so why stop there?2016-02-01 15.28.38




I disassembled the drawbars from the lunette casting and installed them on the tub.

2016-02-01 15.28.26

Still had a couple of hours before dark, so I thought I would mate the running gear back with the tub – but how to do it by yourself? I started by bolting the rear spring hangers up with the tub standing on end on a slight hill.

2016-02-01 15.42.57

After that, I lifted the running gear up into position and had to use a floor jack to push the spring pivot up in order for the upper mounts to line up with the their holes – pretty complicated without 5 hands! Once bolted up I installed the lunette casting and landing leg.

2016-02-01 16.15.18


Now, my next step will be to pretty up my welds on the front panel and do a few spot welds on the inside to make sure the floor stays in place.

2016-02-01 16.31.21

Then I can sand down the outside and throw a coat of paint on the whole thing, install the wiring and install new tires/tubes.

2016-02-01 16.30.42