New trailer floor


Bought this from D&L Bensinger in PA. My father in law picked it up for me on business, so he saved me $100 shipping (thanks Mike!). Overall, I am happy with it – appearance wise. I won’t know about the fit until I start to install it – it IS a foreign made repro, but $200 less than the US made ones (if I bought all US made parts, I would quickly have more in the trailer than it is worth – even with what these trailers bring today!).

Now, with that said, here are a couple of things that I have noticed so far:
– drain cover pieces are squared instead of rounded.


– pan is cut and welded back at all of the ribs ( I guess because the panel twisted when stamped?)

– didn’t include drain plug retainers even though they were supposed to be included (according to MD Juan)

– pretty heavy piece. It looks like .062″, or 1/16″. I don’t have a metal thickness gauge, but a conversion is about 16ga?

wpid-wp-1434045884047.jpg– has the center cross member spot welded on.

– side edges are turned down and ends are turned up.