Pintle hook addition

I picked up a new production M151 chain plate for the Jeep at the Georgia rally the other week. I figured that would be safer than not using the chains, and for $10, a LOT cheaper than buying the WW2 eye bolts, not to mention more period correct. I painted the plate last week and installed it on Friday.

2014-10-24 12.13.07

Notice my plate sticker! Good thing I haven’t been driving it since April, because that’s when it expired (MUCH – I did drive it down the road after I got it running the other week). I paid the taxes, I just can’t find the registration or sticker.

Look at the puddle under the rear end – I need to do something about that too!

Today I had to use the Jeep to jump start the deuce. I had changed the secondary fuel filters and ran the batteries down after 2 – 15 second attempts at starting (yeah, I guess those batteries are going bad). I had to pull the Jeep down a hill and park it there to reach the deuces battery box. Once hooked up, she fired right off! The Jeep saves the day AGAIN (I had to jump the deuce right after I bought it).

Got her running and driving again

I decided to see if the batteries were dead in the ‘a1 this afternoon. I turned on the ignition, pulled the choke out and hit the starter. She turned over pretty good, so I kept going. After about 2 minutes of trying different things, she fired off! A couple more tries and she was running. I checked the water pump for leaks, and there weren’t any! I checked the antifreeze level and added a little water (maybe a quart) to top it off. After she warmed up, I took her for a little ride up and down the driveway and around the field. By that time, everything was lined out and blown out, so I went back to the house and got my wallet and phone. I drove around for about 15 minutes to charge the batteries back up. The parking brake was annoying as hell – I definitely have to fix that! I also need to adjust the valve again – it sounds like 1 or 2 valves are loose and pretty loud. Other than that, she just needs a bath.

2014-10-09 15.40.51

M100 resto

I went to home depot to get the parts to repair the water line this morning. I checked the hardware section while I was there – no nuts there. I went to Tractor Supply – no luck. Finally, I went to a old, large hardware store that has everything – EXCEPT for slotted hex nuts. I have one other place to check around here before I have to order them.

Okay, so I got my water line fixed and doors painted this morning and had a little time to work on the trailer parts. I assembled the drawbars to the casting using some stainless, coarse thread bolts and nuts (of the correct size and length) that I had laying around. Only 1 of the original bolts was good – and ALL of the slotted nuts were rusted away, so I can’t use them. I stuck the big bolt through without the chains to hold it in place. I haven’t cleaned the chains up yet. I assembled the landing leg and casting, then attached it to the main casting with the other large bolt and (pitted up) slotted nut. Then after everything was balanced, I installed the lunette. Looking good! Now, if I could just get the frame and tub separated so I can decide on whether to replace the floor or patch the holes.

2014-10-01 14.24.50

I FINALLY received an email from MD Juan today with the answers I was looking for – most of the answers anyway!

Dear sir,

Here the answers to you questions:

1. Metal thickness of our trailer floor panels – 1.5mm

2. dimensions of our floor panel 96cm x 183 cm

3. flange to flange measurement of the floor panel 96cm x 183cm


I measured the wrong piece on the trailer the other day – I measured the drain plug flange, which measures .075″ (14g). Today I measured a different place on the pan itself – .06″ (16g), so they ARE using the correct gauge metal AND it has the correct dimensions. Now, to decide how in depth to go with this resto!