Coolant leak

I was out in the shop today and noticed a puddle under the Jeep. After investigating the source, it looked like it was dripping from the center of the pump where it joins the block – possibly a gasket leak. I am hoping, however, that it is actually leaking from the seal – and that driving it until warm will fix the problem. It hasn’t been driven in quite a while. If the weather cooperates I will take it for a short drive to see if that fixes it.

I haven’t done any blasting on the trailer this week off. The weather doesn’t want to cooperate. There has been a good chance of rain almost every day. Add to that the fact that it has been almost 100 deg and almost as much humidity – not much chance in doing any blasting outside! Today was the perfect temp (low 70s), but we have had a little drizzle a couple of times. I’m about 75% sure that if I would’ve started blasting, that it would’ve poured down! That happened yesterday – 90 deg and sunny all day, but as soon as I fired up the smoker and put the ribs in, it started raining! I had to put up a makeshift teepee made with a 6′ step ladder and a tarp!

Oh well, I guess I can get back to it next time off.

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