Started on the M100

I pulled the M100 to the shop today to get started on it.

2014-09-02 10.15.01

I was using my old 50# Speedway pressure pot blaster that I bought about 15 years ago. It is not the best in the world – it’s a pain to set up without plugging the nozzle, but once it is going, it will blast until empty – unless you get a rogue piece of large blasting media in the pot. I bought 300# of Black Beauty (a lava media that cuts very good once or twice, but turns to dust after that). I put a tarp on the ground under the trailer and started blasting. When the pot ran out, I scooped it out of the inside of the tub and recycled it twice. Before I finished the inside, I used a whole 100# bag and it had turned to dust. I had to recycle the media on the tarp until it was gone too.

Once I started blasting, I found more rust through than I was expecting! The “small” spot at the front panel seam had turned into a 2″ wide spot and a couple of places where the floor and side panel meet. A hole had also rusted through on the right side. I guess I waited too long to restore the trailer!

Rust hole can be seen on the right – can’t really see the seam rust.

2014-09-02 14.06.19

Overall, the tub is not REAL beat up, but not perfect either.

2014-09-02 14.06.40


At the rear of the tub, a previous owner had drilled holes to mount a license plate, and a hole in each corner for drains. There are also a pair of holes about 2′ forward from the rear, at the top of the side panels – I am guessing for turn signals. There was also what looked like a sheet metal screw hole in the floor.

2014-09-02 14.06.30


The data plates are on the tub, but they are repro ones – the serial # is 500 (yeah, right!). I guess it has been restored. I did find that the trailer was originally USAF issue. It had etching primer, red oxide, Strata Blue, red oxide, then OD green on the inside of the tub.

As of now, I have almost decided to cut out the easy to replace metal and patch it, but leave the bad front panel seam alone. I don’t think I have another full blown, ground up resto left in me, and this has turned into more than I had planned (my fault for waiting so long to start on it)!

I vacuumed up the media inside the tub and used the air hose to blow the seams out. I bought some Red Oxide implement primer from Tractor Supply last week for this project – didn’t know how hard it was to find Red Oxide ’til I started looking! I used a paint brush to coat the seams and rust holes and deep pitted areas (which was from the front panel back about 18″) straight from the can. Then I mixed up about half a quart and a couple ounces of mineral spirits and sprayed a couple of coats in the tub. Turned out pretty good!

2014-09-02 15.58.59


Here you can see the rusty front seam, hole on the right, and pitting a little better – I also just noticed that there are pairs of holes just like the rear in the side panels at the front.

2014-09-02 15.59.24


Here is a shot of the rear half. You can see the matching pair of holes and the drilled license plate and drain holes.

2014-09-02 15.59.33


That’s it for this week – I guess I will try to get the underside and maybe the sides blasted and primed the next time I am off. I still have some questions to ask on willysmjeeps about the tub number being an Air Force number or not.




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