Red Rose Festival car show

We went to the Red Rose Festival car show in Lancaster, SC today. I drove the Jeep there (which was about 20 miles) at 7:00 this morning – it was 42 deg! We entered the Jeep and deuce in the show at 8:00. I would guess that there were around 60 or so cars there – everything from 20’s Model A’s to a 2013 Corvette. There were A LOT of 67-69 Camaros there!

2014-05-17 13.37.03

2014-05-17 13.38.00

Jeep at car show

They had the judging at 2:00. The Jeep ended up winning a Top 25 award!

2014-05-17 17.44.30

Also, the deuce won “Coolest Ride” trophy!

Deuce trophy

Russ, John, Me

Deuce trophy 2

Tune up

I started thinking about the Jeep cutting off on me yesterday and being hard to start for the last few months. So today, I decided to give her a complete tune up. I replaced the plugs yesterday, so that much was done. I pulled the valve covers even though I couldn’t get a side cover gasket locally. The last time I adjusted the valves, I replaced the valve cover gasket with a rubber one, so I knew I could reuse it. I checked all of the valves and found that most were too tight. Most of the intakes were around .014″ and all of the exhaust were around .012″! For those of you that don’t know, the spec is .018″ intake and .016″ exhaust. I adjusted them all and cleaned the existing gaskets (the side cover gasket was cork and still in one piece on the block, so I left it in place). I put a light coat of Form a Gasket on the covers and the block (top cover). I also put a little on the PCV bell and the bolt head contact surfaces. I reassembled the rest of the parts I removed. While I was in the engine compartment, I noticed a pretty heavy drip coming from the fuel cutoff valve to rubber hose connection. I tightened the hose clamps and stopped that leak.

I fired her up (a little easier starting), and she idled quieter than before! I jumped in and took off up the driveway. I could IMMEDIATELY tell an increase in power! I got out on the highway and she ran up to 50 pretty fast – and I still had some pedal left. I drove about 5 miles down the road and came back to set the timing and carb.

I backed into the shop and shut it down. I pulled the battery cover off and opened the hood. I grabbed my spark plug adapter and installed it and hooked up the timing light on #1. I also hooked up the vacuum gauge to the tee under the carb and loosened the distributor. I fired her back up and checked the timing – it was around 10 deg BTDC and the vacuum was about 14. I adjusted the distributor until I got my highest vacuum reading of 16. The timing was showing around 5 deg BTDC at that point. I adjusted the carb, but the needle adjustment didn’t do much on the lean side – so I just adjusted it for best acceleration.

I unhooked everything and took another test drive. Power was slightly down, but the hesitation when you blip the throttle and the miss at idle are all but gone. I was able to cruise at 50 without sounding like she was going to come apart, and hit 58 a time or two during the run!

When I got back to the shop, I checked for leaks one last time – everything looked and ran good, but it was a little noisier when it warmed up.


All shined up and ready to show!

I picked up some new plugs for the ‘a1 that I ordered Saturday from O’reilly Auto Parts. When I got home and started changing them, I looked at the number on the old ones – Autolite 2243. These plugs are for the M38. I think they are colder(?) plugs, since the ceramic is recessed farther into the base of the plug. The correct plug for the ‘a1 is an Autolite 2245. O’reilly (and others) sell these plugs for around $7 each, where as the surplus parts houses are asking about $15 ea!

Anyway, I got the new plugs installed and fired it up – no change in the hesitation, but did idle a little better. I think I need to adjust the timing again to get rid of that hesitation and the hard starting issue I have been having for a few months now. Maybe I will do that tomorrow,

I hooked the car hauler up to the deuce and loaded the Jeep on it. I still HATE the straps I have for it. Fortunately, I picked up some chain and 1 dog from my Wife’s Granddad’s shop over the weekend. All I need to buy are 8 hooks and 3 more dogs – then it will be MUCH simpler to secure the Jeep on the hauler!

2014-05-13 12.47.09

I hauled the Jeep up to my Brother’s shop to drop the deuce off for them to get it ready for the car show this Saturday. I was going to drive the Jeep back home. The drive went pretty smooth until some idiot slammed on brakes in front of me – my plastic console went flying to the floor and about 3/4 of my drink was gone before I could get it!

I got to the shop and unloaded the Jeep and backed the deuce and car hauler into the fence. After a few words, I took off back to the house in the Jeep. After about 5 miles or so, it seemed to loosen up and everything smoothed out. About 20 minutes later I came up to the road going to my house, but decided to keep on going – surely the Jeep needed to be filled up after the ride! I pulled into the only gas station around that sells ethanol free gas about 5 minutes later. I shut her down and checked the level with a flashlight – about half empty! Mind you, I filled up before we went to the Denton rally last month and only drove about 15 miles up there. I put about 25 on it today – that would be 5 gallons for 40 miles (8mpg). There’s another reason to check the timing! After I filled up, since she was running so good, I decided to go to my Mom’s house about 12 miles down the road. I started to pull out onto the highway and she died! After a few nervous seconds of cranking, she fired back up – in those few seconds I decided that I had better head back to the house instead of risking being stuck somewhere. I didn’t have any more running problems.

When I got to the house, I pulled up and started to give her a bath. I sprayed Super Clean (that I got from Walmart) under the fenders and frame and running gear. I washed that off and it did a very good job with one application (this was the first time I had used this brand – I usually use Purple Power). I opened the hood and sprayed down the under side of the hood and entire engine compartment. After a few seconds, I started rinsing it down – it cleaned extremely well, actually TOO well. Paint came off of a few things like the dipstick cap, radiator in a couple of places, and engine block! There was no mud or oil/grease anywhere though!

I closed the hood, and to my horror, I saw that the cleaner had left streaks and splatters all over the cowl, fenders and edge of the hood! After a little more inspection, I found that everywhere it hit, it changed the color to a light green. I had spots on the rear wheel wells, wheels, bumper, the whole frame, etc. I just sat there wondering what I was going to do. Finally, I grabbed some good car wash and washed the Jeep – no luck. Then I grabbed some wax and hit the bad places. This made it less obvious, but I didn’t want to wax the whole Jeep, because you really can’t wax a semi gloss paint job! Then I remembered an old motor pool trick that I had heard about that was used for inspections – wiping the whole truck down with diesel fuel! I didn’t want to use diesel, so I grabbed the WD40 and tried a small spot – that did it! I polished the whole Jeep with it – made took the surface scratches disappear too! She polished up to slightly more than a semi gloss, but looks real good. I know that when I wash her again that all of that stuff will reappear, but what other choice do I have – repaint it before the show this weekend? NO – not going to happen for a while. I guess the WD will have to suffice for a while!

Anyway, I reinstalled the top and cleaned the glass – now she is ready for the show! I will have to take my spray bottle of magic mist and a towel to shine her up again before the show – I know I will get some dust on her on the drive over.

2014-05-13 17.30.01

2014-05-13 17.29.26