Springs changed and brakes adjusted

I started off by pulling my old front springs off and installing my NOS ones. It was a pretty easy and quick job.



It sits a little more level now, but I measured before and after (floor to fender lip) – I actually LOST 1/4″ of height!


After I finished the springs I went for a drive around the field (ACROSS the old corn rows) to settle the springs. I pulled back into the shop and checked all of the nuts again – glad I did, because most of the spring plate nuts were loose! I torqued everything back down to 60#.

Next, I turned my attention to the driver side rear brake adjusting eccentric.  It was the only one that I couldn’t get to move the last time I adjusted the brakes. I ordered one off of eBay months ago, just never got around to installing it. I tore that side down and changed out the eccentric. It looks like I will be changing brake shoes and hardware before long too.


I put the drum back on and adjusted the brake shoes (these brakes are NOT self adjusting!). I went around the rest of the Jeep and adjusted them all. Before I adjusted them I read the instructions in the manual – adjust the front shoe until you feel scrubbing and back off slightly, then tighten it down. Then do the rear shoe the same way. Lately, I would have to push the brake pedal down to about 3″ from the floor before they would stop the Jeep. Even then it wouldn’t stop fast enough. After I finished adjusting them I felt the pedal – 2″ travel and it stopped the tire from spinning! I adjusted the pedal free play to 1/2″ by adjusting the pedal rod. I went for a road test and it will literally skid the tires on pavement now!

Last but not least, I installed the chains on the front shackle pins. I wanted to use the “correct” drive screws, but nobody around here carries them and I wasn’t going to order a box of 100 for just the 2 that I needed! So, I looked through my screw drawer and found a very small Phillips head screw, drilled a hole slightly smaller than the screw in the original drive screw hole and forced the small screw to thread into the hole. I think it turned out well – not many people will know the difference!


I guess all that I have left to do before the rally is take the top down and wash it, overall cleaning, check all the fluids and check the tire pressures. The rally is only 12 days away!

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