VRC-8 finally installed!


I  finally got around to installing my radio set! I made the sc-c-28600 spacer blocks last year, but never got around to installing the radio set. I have been doing a LOT of research on how the MT-299 mount should be installed, but couldn’t find a drawing that showed exactly how (how far from the seat back, how far the blocks go back on the wheelwell, etc) to install it. I had the drawings and measurements for the blocks, but nothing showing me how to install them.


spacer 2

So I went out and set the blocks on the wheelwell and set the mount on top of them. I drew a line in pencil on the wheelwell to mark where the edge of the block would be after testing to see that the seatback would not hit the top of the radio. I marked the edges of the wheel well ridges on the blocks. When I looked at the mount feet, the holes in them were too far over to get good contact with the wood. I ended up moving the blocks so that the inside edge of the mount feet were flush with the edge of the wood. I used a circular saw to cut the channels and used a forstner bit to counter sink the holes 1/2″ and drilled through with a 1/2″ bit. I assembled everything and positioned it on the wheelwell. I had to re mark the edges of the wood. Then I disassembled everything and marked the position of the wheelwell holes on the blocks (half way between the ridge and the side of the body and half way between the edge of the wheel well and the 1st ridge). I counter sunk these holes 1/4″ and drilled through with a 1/2″ bit. I put a T nut in each of these holes.


I re assembled everything again and checked the fit on the wheelwell. Then I marked the center of the wheelwell holes and drilled them out. I applied 2 coats of OD24087 (I know this isn’t the correct color, but I wasn’t going to order special paint for this – I’m not putting this in a show for judging) on the blocks and let them dry.


I reassembled everything one more time and set the completed mount on the wheelwell. The holes lined up! I tightened the hardware down and admired the work.


I hooked up the power cable and installed the power supply, RT-67, LS-166/U speaker and HS-22/PT handset. It’s looking like something now!


I turned the power supply on and then the radio. The lights came on but I didn’t hear anything. I adjusted the squelch and volume – still nothing. I turned the power supply to “Receive and Transmit” and key the mic – I heard a clicking in the radio, but nothing in the handset. Oh well, at least it is installed – I’ll leave the troubleshooting for another day! I went ahead and installed the speaker under the radio set.

I picked up my CG-330/G cover from the Post Office this morning. After I had everything installed, I installed the cover – the finishing touch!



Tomorrow I am planning on changing out my front springs, changing the left rear brake shoe adjuster and adjusting the brakes, I also need to go ahead and take the top off and wash the Jeep.

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