H-33/PT Handset arrived today

Well, a little disappointment this afternoon. I had agreed to buy a 1955 (title and plates) USMC M38a1 this weekend and was to be delivered today. The guy showed up with the Jeep and we unloaded it. He handed over the title and I checked it against the data plates and it matched – flipped it over and it was titled in someone else’s name! Apparently it had been sold in another county in 1989. The buyer never titled it in his name. Some way or another the original seller got the vehicle back and sold it to the guy trying to sell it to me. I told the guy that I couldn’t do anything with that title – if he wanted to get it straight, I am still interested. He took the Jeep back home with him. Bummer! The Jeep was in decent condition. It needed the passenger floor and side panel, battery trays and battery box bottom replaced. The fenders weren’t great either. Other than that, it was pretty much complete down to the spare tire and carrier. It ran and drove good and the gauges even worked! Oh well, I guess it was meant to be!

No work has been done on my Jeep since the last post – just a new piece delivered today.

I got my H-33/PT handset today. I found it on eBay last week. Most of them are either well used pieces of crap or NOS priced at $70! I didn’t need anything that is perfect, so I waited. My speaker is used, but not worn out. Anyway, I ran across this auction last week – it said used/vg condition. I won the auction for $26.50! I received it today in a vacuum sealed package, wrapped in paper, inside a peanut packed box – excellent packaging! I opened it up and couldn’t believe it – if it isn’t NOS, I don’t know why it isn’t. This thing has some rub marks on it but that’s it – the cord even still has the talc on it! I am very impressed. So now my VRC-9 is complete except for the cx-330/G cover and mounting it – and maybe getting a shorter antenna cable.

NOS H-33/PT Handset

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