I started out working on the troop seats for the deuce today since it was such a nice day (74deg!). I stripped the racks of all their wood and removed all of the hardware. Then I straightened any bent metal on the posts and seat supports. This took me about 5 hrs! Here is the link to that blog: http://duecem35a2.wordpress.com/

After I finished this, it was still nice and warm outside, so I started working on the Jeep. First I decided to get up under the Jeep and try to figure out why the parking brake was rattling. I got on the creeper and slid under. I grabbed the parking brake lever and jiggled it – it had a BUNCH of slop! This is pretty hard to imagine, since it had to be beaten together only a couple of thousand miles ago! I decided to go ahead and tear it apart for cleaning and inspection. There was a LOT of grease (gear oil and dirt actually) on these parts. I used brake cleaner and rags. Once everything was clean, I could see that the holes in the brake shoes were enlarged enough to let them move quite a bit. I paid around $75 for the pair of shoes, and the holes were worn out! I slid back under the Jeep and cleaned everything in the area up as much as possible. I reassembled the parking brake assembly and adjusted it. I had to screw the park brake handle clevis on about 1/4″ tighter to get the brake to clamp down halfway in its travel (3 clicks). I went for a test drive and she was still rattling (which was no surprise, because everything was even more loose after I cleaned all of the grease off). Then I added the anti rattle spring to the system. If you look closely at the parts manual, you will notice a spring that runs from the clevis to the skid plate. Then, if you notice the part #, it is actually the same spring as the throttle return spring. I installed a larger spring (about 5/8″ diameter and 3″ long) just because I had it.

2014-03-02 17.35.27

I went for a ride and guess what – NO RATTLE! At some point I will install the correct spring (about 1/2″ diameter and 2 1/2″ long), but I guess there is no hurry since this one is working.

Since I had a little more daylight left, I went ahead and scuffed down my new front leaf springs and shot them with a coat of OD24087. Maybe the next time I’m off I’ll install them.

2014-03-02 18.00.28

I have another pair of NOS front springs if anyone wants them – I will sell or trade for a pair of NOS rears.


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  1. Funny. I need to replace my leaf springs on Porkchop. I was just checking to make sure I was going to be looking for the right kind when I saw your post. Do you still want to sell them?

    • I would rather trade for some NOS rears. Shipping would be a killer (I don’t even know how to package them for shipping)- where are you located? If I did sell them, I would be looking to get about $175ea.

      • Sorry for the delay. It turns out my reply never went through. 😦
        I completely understand, and appreciate you letting me know. Good luck on finding the NOS rears. 🙂

      • Yeah, it doesn’t look like thats going to happen. I am going to take them to the rally next weekend and maybe sell them. I dont know where I will be able to find nos rears though – might end up buying repros from Pete Debella. It looks like he has the closest looking ones made in the USA.

      • Have you bought from him before? I’ve seen his page but haven’t really been sure about whether or not there was reliability there…

      • I HAVE bought from him a few times. One of those times was VERY slow processing and shipping when I needed parts fairly quickly – could’ve been something going on at the time though. Parts quality is on average with all of the main dealers.

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