Shackles cleaned/straightened and primed

I had to go out in the cold and misting rain this morning to make some video about some of my parts I have for sale for a fellow Steel Soldier. When I finished that I decided to get my shackles cleaned up. I fired up the turbine heater to warm the shop and went to work.

I used a wire wheel on my bench grinder to clean them and finished up with a wire brush. When I was working on the second one I realized that the ring was bent outward.2014-02-04_10-06-48_765

I have no idea how I didn’t notice this! I guess I was just so excited to find originals. I put the handy dandy 20Ton press to work,


I have the back end sitting on a piece of 1/8″ steel to give it a little extra bend because metal always tries to go back to its original shape when you are bending it. After I got this bend straight, I realized that the ears were bent in toward each other, so I used a steel with a wedge taper to push them apart.


After I laid them on the bench side by side, I saw that the other shackle ring was slightly bent outward, so a couple of pumps on the press straightened it right out. I sprayed a few coats of red oxide on them and I will spray some OD24087 on them tomorrow.



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