Finally found a missing piece of the puzzle!

My Brother and I went to Albemarle, NC  to Jim Henry’s parts yard today to pick up a few parts for our deuce. While we were waiting for him to get back to the shop we looked around one of his parts “fields” and I stumbled across an M38a1 frame just laying there on the ground. Believe it or not, it still had these on it!

Rare gold!

Rare gold!

These are usually one of the first things that get taken off (because they rattle)! The second thing is the parking brake – because it rattles.

Originals are getting as rare as hen’s teeth now days – mainly because of people like Jim Henry. I asked him how much and he told me “let’s go over here and get a pair that are already taken off the frame”. We went into a corner of his place and he looked in a certain spot on the floor – none there. Then he grabbed a large ammo box – none there. He said they used to be all over the floor and the ammo box was full of them! He used to have “probably 100 or so of them”! He said he has been having a problem with people stealing from him – batteries, radiators, starters, basically anything that can be walked off of the property.

Anyway, he sold me these original shackles and pins for $20 ea. I could have bought repros for $17-$22 each + shipping for the shackles and $7 ea for the pins, but originals are sooo much better!

Well, that’s my victory for the day, or week – depending on how you look at it!

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