Parts Jeep (and other stuff) for sale – SOLD

I received a couple of requests to upload some pictures of my parts Jeep. I think I am done with pulling parts off of it, so now it should go. I played around with the idea of throwing some parts at it and getting it running and driving, but I wouldn’t be able to get the 5-$600 back out of it when I sold it, so that was the end of that idea.

2014-01-08 13.32.26

2014-01-08 13.33.01

Anyway, it is a 1954 model.

Body wise:

  • Front fenders are bent but repairable. (I think I have a couple I will sell fairly cheap if interested though)
  • Lower cowl area on both sides at floorboard are rusted and rusting through.
  • It was hit in the rear at some point in its life (needs a rear panel and both rear quarters are slightly bent).
  • Rear floor is ok.
  • Rear fender wells are slightly bent from rear panel being hit.
  • Fuel tank sump is rusted through in the front – may be easily repairable?
  • Front floors have small holes – I will look again if someone is interested, but the leaves and dirt and stuff that are in there were frozen solid and I couldn’t get them all out today.
  • Toolbox area isn’t rusted (had a leaky oil bottle in there, so it didn’t rust!)
  • Hood is fine – might have hood numbers under the Forestry Service paint (I haven’t sanded on it)
  • Battery box looks good inside (pans are not rusted up, original battery cables are still there)
  • Grill is fine.

2014-01-08 13.27.23

2014-01-08 13.25.18

Extras: Here’s what I can think of, but might have other stuff also.

  • I will include a windshield frame (no glass or accessories)SOLD
  • I will include a driver seat frame SOLD
  • Gas tank: I have the original gas tank to my ‘a1 I will sell cheaply ( it was cleaned and lined about 15 yrs ago, but the acid wasn’t neutralized properly, so it needs to be stripped and checked for pin holes again). Will take $50 for it. SOLD
  • Fenders: If I have extra fenders, I will take $50/ea for them. SOLD
  • Hood: I have a spare hood I will sell for $50 SOLD
  • Grill: I have a spare hood I will sell for $50 SOLD
  • Rear springs: I will sell both for $25 SOLD
  • Generator: I will sell for $20 SOLD
  • M100 fenders: Both in good condition – $100/pr
  • M100 chassis: No tub, just the rolling frame – $450, or $500 with the fenders
  • CCKW grill – $75
  • 1993 Minnie Winnie 27′ class c RV – $4,500 obo SOLD
  • 1954 Farmall Cub – restored 6 yrs ago, needs carb cleaned out now – $3,000 obo

Chassis: SOLD

  • 3 tires were hold air, but down now (held for 3 yrs, down now). Right rear has a hole in it.
  • Right rear brake is locked up (why the tire has a hole in it – it was dragged down the side of the road for 5 miles)
  • Engine is not locked up
  • Driveline is all there, but can’t tell you anything about its condition – never drove it.


  • Passenger seat
  • Gas tank
  • Radiator
  • Carb
  • Fuel pump
  • Distributor is there, but missing parts
  • Regulator
  • Has civvy water pump
  • Rear seat brackets were torched off
  • Hood hold downs
  • Right rear taillight
  • Headlight bulbs
  • Some electrical ends

I have a title, but never registered it in my name because the guy I bought it from only signed one place and missed the other (so did I). For an extra $50, I will track down the guy I bought it from and go get the title. I will take $950 for the Jeep, w/s frame and seat frame. Price is FIRM – parted out, this Jeep is worth many times that amount. If you can do body work, about $500 worth of replacement panels will make this thing look good.

I can provide pics of any area you want to see.

Jeep is located in Richburg, SC.