I made some new floor mats

A Steel Soldiers buddy of mine gave me a 50′ roll of used conveyor belt that he got from work. We picked it up at the SS Georgia rally in October. Today was a nice, 73 deg December 21st day, so I went outside and worked on the Jeep. My floor mats were getting pretty ragged, so I grabbed a utility knife and sliced off a 2′ section of the belt and began measuring. The ones I had were about 20″ tall x 16″ wide with a few cutouts to fit around the tunnel. I cut mine about 20″ tall x 21.5″ wide to fit all the way over to the sidewalls. I had to cut out for the tunnel, floor drain and gas tank strap. The passenger side was about the same. This belt is about 1/8″ thick and slightly textured, so it makes a decent floor mat and covers more of the floor than the others did. I don’t think these will ever wear out!

2013-12-21 14.59.39

2013-12-21 15.00.08

Now that I had the front ones done, I measured for the rear. I decided to make it a tight fit, going from wheel well to wheel well and all the way back to the seat supports. Now the whole rear is protected. I tried heating them up to “form fit” them to the front floors, but the belt was just too stiff. I used a propane torch but it didn’t work.

2013-12-21 14.59.53

After I finished with the mats I decided to take a drive. I followed my normal route down the back roads, back to the highway at no more than 40mph. She was running great (except for the annoying parking brake rattle that I haven’t fixed yet), so instead of turning down Main St. to go home, I stayed on the highway for another 3 miles and turned into a neighborhood. I rode around the neighborhood, then down more back roads until I got home. A nice ride!

Passed 20,000 hits on my blog!

Well, THANK YOU all – AGAIN! This blog passed 20,000 hits yesterday! I am still amazed that this many people find my blog informative and keep coming back.

I have a few things in the process for next year like adding doors, finishing the radio install, hopefully snow rides, and (again) hopefully restoring my M100 so that the Jeep will have a partner. So keep on coming back – I will constantly be posting SOMETHING, whether it is just about a short drive or an unfinished project wrapup.



I ordered a few parts

I am about out of stuff to do on the Jeep, so I thought the next step would be to put doors on her. I posted a “want to buy” ad on the forums. I got a response from someone close by (well, FAIRLY close by ~170 miles). He said he thinks he has some door frames left, but didn’t know for sure until he gets back and checks. I don’t know what “gets back” means, but I figured I would give him a week before I emailed him and asked him. He also said I could have them if I came and picked them up! Good deal, as they go for ~$150 a pair! I figure 6hrs total driving and $40 worth of gas would still be worth it.

I still needed the hardware for the doors. This includes the upper hinges, lower hinge pockets and turn buttons. So I turned to eBay. A quick search turned up 8 lower hinge pockets and no upper hinges. I didn’t even look for the turn buttons. The hinge pockets ranged in price from $9.50 to $25 each – none of them were used or NOS, all were Omix Ada. I chose the cheap ones from a guy QTM Jeep Parts in Georgia. I have ordered quite a few parts from him and he is a good guy to deal with. I also ordered a brake adjusting eccentric for the left rear from him. 2 days later, the parts were here!

Last night I was trying to figure out how they fit under the door sill. Come to find out, the M38 pockets (which I ordered) are not the same as M38a1 hinge pockets!


M38 Lower hinge socket

M38a1 Lower door hinge socket

M38a1 Lower door hinge socket

So, I have not seen any M38a1 sockets for sale – that’s why I figured they were the same – I didn’t even think of researching it! I had to modify them to fit – easy enough to do, and possibly more robust than the originals since the originals just had a small tab under the pocket. All I had to do is cut the angled part off of the top with a sawzall and grind the sharp corners off.

One socket modified

One socket modified

Both sockets modified

Both sockets modified

I sprayed them with a couple of coats of paint, but don’t know how long it will take to dry since it is kind of cold outside. I guess I’ll install them next time I’m off.

Midwest Military has the upper hinges (new repros made by them) for $14 ea.