Yet another surprise – or disappointment rather!

I ordered 5 calendars on Monday and they arrived today – great shipping! I thumbed through the calendar about 10 times, stopping on April for an extended look each time. April is the month with the M38a1 in it.

Guess what? My Jeep IS NOT IN THE CALENDAR! I just spent $82 on calendars with Kaiser Willys and they didn’t put my Jeep in it after they announced that it was! I called and talked to the customer service guy and basically cussed him out. He told me that he would talk with the woman that is over the calendars and his manager and find out what is going on. I told him to start with, I want a refund for these calendars that I have no use for, and that they still ought to honor the $100 gift card as promised (that I haven’t gotten yet – the guy I talked to on Monday said they should be sending an email about those this week). Makes me wonder about how Kaiser Willys does business!

Anyway, I was hoping that my next post would be a scan of the calendar page that my Jeep was on – instead it turns out to be a venting session! Oh well – that’s how it goes. I guess life has its ups and downs, fulfillments and disappointments – life goes on!


I called Kaiser Willys back to get an RMA for these calendars – no use in them holding $82 of my money! I talked to Mike again (the customer service guy). He said, as it turns out, there are 3 Matt Freemans registered with Kaiser Willys – one in SC, TX and CA. He didn’t say which of the other 2 won (I know it wasn’t me, obviously!). He also said that all of us had ordered multiple calendars. He told me not to worry about shipping the calendars back right now – they would have them picked up and the whole invoice refunded to me.

Mike at Kaiser Willys emailed me on Monday.


I talked to my manager and he 100% aproved the refund for the calendars so I went ahead and did that today.  You should see the refund on your account soon.

Once again, I do apologize for the inconvience on the mix up.  Please keep the Calendars there, we don’t need them back.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Thanks

Michael Viola
Kaiser Willys Auto Supply
114 Bolton Ct Aiken SC 29803

At least I got something out of the deal! I like Jeeps (of course), so it will be a nice looking calendar to display.

Surprise, surprise!

I received an email today from Kaiser Willys telling me that the picture I sent in earlier this year was selected for inclusion in their 2014 calendar! The picture (and story) that I sent in was used for their “Jeep of the Week” feature back in the summer.  To top it off, they are giving all of the winners a $100 gift certificate! And I thought that being “Jeep of the Week: was a big deal!

Here’s the email (the text part anyway) that they sent today: Check out the catalog cover winners’ prizes!


 The wait is over! The judging was tough – we had so many wonderful entries! We want to thank all who entered the contest, and would like to remind you that even if your photo didn’t win one of the prizes below, you will still have the opportunity to be featured inside the 2014 Kaiser Willys Catalog. Now, for the winners!
2014 Catalog Cover Winners:
Front Cover Winner: Juan Pablo Murillo Villa 
($1000 Gift Certificate)
Back Cover Winner: Siva Aiken
($500 Gift Certificate)
2014 Calendar Photo Winners:
(All Calendar Photo Winners receive a $100 Gift Certificate)
Tate Annis
Larry Hammers
Susan Lane & Gerald Cecil
Roger & Wendy Goeckner
Donovan Jotblad
Amy Bodiford
Nathaniel Loyer
Jeep Hunters
Paul Hubert
Cameron Danner
Itsuro Shirasaka
Glen Heitman
Siva Aiken
Craig Brockhaus
Matt Freeman
The 2014 calendar has been sent off to the press and will be available on soon! If you are one of the winners, we’ll notify you when your gift certificate / account credit is ready. Thank you for being a part of our community!
– Kaiser Willys Staff