Georgia Steel Soldiers rally

Well, my brother and I have been at the Steel Soldiers Georgia rally for 2 days now and having a blast! We have been going on a couple of trail rides a day a night ride. I have some video to post when I get home – the internet connection is too slow here to attempt uploading.

The Jeep is doing ok. The only problems I have had are 1) the rear transfer case seal is leaking. I checked it before we left the other day and couldn’t feel ANY. It took about 2/3 quart to fill it back up! 2) The parking brake rattle is driving me crazy! I researched a little and think I found the problem though – it is supposed to have a spring that I don’t have installed – my bad! 3) She had a pretty good miss, or skip at idle, on the night ride the other night. I had adjusted it for the best vacuum last week. I adjusted the timing yesterday morning until it the miss was gone, but power is down – I guess I need to find the sweet spot there. 4) I have been noticing the voltage gauge drifting down to the edge of the yellow, and sometimes INTO the yellow at idle – I’ll have to ask about that on willysmjeeps forum. I know she is idling a little slow (after I adjusted the timing), so adjusting the idle might fix it. and 5) the solid mounted exhaust vibration is also annoying on deceleration or coasting down a hill in gear – I’m going to have to put some rubber on those 2 mounting points!

That’s it for now – will post some pics and video later after, I get home.

Ready for the rally!

I went and picked up the Jeep from the shop today. He said he left the Jeep parked over night and the only oil on the floor was under the rear main seal area! He said the play in the rear end didn’t seem “excessive” to him, so he didn’t change the seal. He also said that the valves sounded fine to him. He didn’t mess with the rear transfer case seal either. Sounds like he just didn’t want to mess with it! He added a little oil to the rear end.

I left with the Jeep and drove around for about 30 minutes, then decided to go to the gas station to fill her up with some good ol’ ethanol free gas for the rally. I put about 8 gallons in for a total of $27! I took the back roads home and backed into the shop.

First thing I did was to install my 12v accessory outlet in the glove box. I ran the wires straight back to the first battery and used ring terminals for the connection. Now I can charge my cell phone or run a portable radio. I am thinking about putting a 12v plug on my cb also. I replaced the fuse in the cb.

2013-10-02 13.54.45

I did a little troubleshooting on the fuel gauge and thought I had it (sortof). I unplugged the sending unit wire and grounded it – it went to full. Then I clipped a jumper wire to the gauge and a ground – the gauge read 1/2 full! I tried a different ground – 1/2 full. I unhooked the jumper and it stayed at 1/2 full. Turning the ignition switch of and back on didn’t help – it went back to 1/2. I figured this was an improvement and left it alone. Enough troubleshooting for now! I looked at it about an hour later – it was showing 3/8 tank!

Then I looked under the Jeep – there was a small puddle under the rear of the engine, but none under the rear pinion or transfer case. I guess I need to check the oil in the transfer case, huh? I started looking and tightened the oil pan bolts. Found that one of the oil lines on the side of the engine was leaking. I tightened it and it got worse, so I took it off and had a look. It looked like the flare was messed up, so I cut it off and flared the tube again. I re installed the tube and cranked her up – had a little bit of oil beading up at the top of the flare nut, but nothing major, so I snugged it a little more. An hour later I checked it and it had not dripped, so I guess it’s good now.

I loaded up the top, antenna sections, tool bag and spare fluids. I think she’s ready for the rally (except for checking the transfer case oil) now.