Radio power feed almost done

The power feed is installed and wired up. I still have to find some insulated metal cable clamps and install them though. I started out by acquiring 8′ of 6 gauge stranded wire (everybody had red, but I needed black of course! That stuff was $1.60/ft! I bought a crimp on ring terminal and some shrink tubing too. I crimped the terminal to one end, then soldered it and put shrink tubing over it. Next, I decided on how long to make the wire by running it through the back side of the battery box and fishing it to the plug. Then I soldered the female end on and assembled the plug. I drilled a hole down through the tool box and ran the ground wire into the toolbox and installed a grommet. The ground wire attaches to the left seat pivot bolt. I installed the plug into the bracket and hooked and hooked up the power.

2013-08-29 16.06.52

I checked the power – 25v.

Then I ohmed out the MT299 wiring before I plugged it in – everything checked out. I plugged the power cord in and checked for voltage at the power wire on the mount – 25v. I unplugged it and installed the power supply and rt67. I plugged it back up and turned the power supply on – no lights or gauge movement! I turned it off so I wouldn’t burn it up. I turned it back on after a minute and started playing with the dial on the radio. After about 15 seconds the lights came on! I I turned the band dial and the power meter moved! I turned the power supply switch to send and receive and the radio to ring and it acted like it was sending a ring signal – if that makes sense (I know what I’m talking about). I turned it back off, unplugged the power and switched in the rt68. Same thing – everything seems to work!

Next, I put my wood blocks that I laid off the wheel well channels and hole locations on yesterday. I located the mount and blocks in the location given by some of the guys on Willysmjeeps website. It seems like it sticks out into the cargo area more than it should, but I am going to find out for sure before I drill any holes or cut the channels in the spacer blocks.

2013-08-29 09.30.25

I know – it’s blurry.

That’s it for this update.



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