MT-299 done (except for power wire)

After 4 days of painting, which includes getting out to the shop before work the past two mornings, the radio mount now has two coats of OD24087 on it. I know, I know (for you purists and perfectionists) – it is supposed to be painted OD2430. The reason it isn’t: I would have had to order the spray paint from one of the main vendors. I could have bought it from TM-9 Ordnance at $13/can + shipping (prob $40 total for 2 cans) and had the perfect color, or Gillespie from a couple of other vendors at $6.50/can + $11 shipping ($24 for 2 cans of paint). I used the Gillespie OD24087 because I already had 1/2 case of spray cans. Only the purists will know the difference.

Yesterday morning and this morning I sprayed the legs and the underside of the tray (with clear – it had varnish on it when I got it and inside of the junction box, so I went back with that. I put everything back together after work tonight, and I think it looks pretty good! The main thing that bothers me is that you can’t see the data plate on it – in fact, I couldn’t even get a picture of it! All of that work to make that plate all pretty – for nothing!




2013-08-06 13.32.00

I’ve already figured out how to install the new power wire. The positive wire goes to the fuse and the ground (which was originally the outer wire shielding twisted together and tinned at the tip) goes to the common bus. I’ll take good pics of the junction box next week when I install that wire. I have acquired the 8 gauge power feed wire and will be installing that next week also. I still need to find some red oak and make the spacers to install the mount.

I also contacted an old friend about rebuilding (or just adjusting and changing the seals) the rear end, since I don’t have time to do it while working all of this overtime – AND the rally is 2 months from now (and I have alot of other stuff that I need to do in the next 2 months).

I just realized when I uploaded the old picture the I installed the legs on the wrong sides – oh well, something to do tomorrow after work!

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