Work on the radio mount

I installed the radio power feed bracket to start with. Then I moved on to the MT-299. There was alot of paint on that thing – and most of it was chipped up!  2013-08-06 13.32.00

First, I removed the junction box, by removing the two screws on top. Then, I was able to get the mounting legs off by removing the two screws on top and the two screws on the back. That made it easier to strip the paint off of the top of the mount. I had some old paint stripper that I found in the shop (I’d say it is about 7 years old). There was a hole in the side of the can, and it was supposed to be a thick brushable paste, but it was just liquid. It worked though!

After about 3 applications and scrapings, she was clean. I didn’t do the underside because it looked good, and was just coated with lacquer.

2013-08-06 14.47.06

2013-08-06 13.34.10

I sprayed two coats of red oxide on them even though it didn’t have any from the factory.

2013-08-06 14.52.33

Next, I disassembled the mounting legs and hand sanded them. I wasn’t able to get one side apart though – it won’t get as pretty of a paint job as the other side. I did find the original tag on the leg I was able to disassemble. It took alot of stripper, mineral spirits and elbow grease to get the paint off of it without removing the black paint on the tag. Then I sprayed them with two coats of red oxide.

2013-08-06 16.06.50

That’s it for today. Maybe tomorrow I can go find some wire for the power feed and install that. Oh yeah, I did disassemble my replacement power cord and figured out how I will have to hook it up to the junction box.

Now, to find some Signal Corps OD green to paint this stuff!

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