Parts for the power feed

I got the parts for my radio power feed today. First thing I did was go out and take the plug shell apart and take the positive wire stub out of the rubber grommet (I had to use a propane torch and heat up the terminal until the wire came out). Then I covered the parts with stripper and let them sit for awhile. I took some scotchbrite and took most of the black paint off of them to try to get it down to the anodizing. After the second coat, they were down to the metal and aluminum – there was a little anodizing left. Then I put two coats of OD on them. I will install the power feed bracket and the speaker bracket tomorrow. I used the hole locations off of my parts Jeep to mark them on my Jeep.

2013-08-05 16.49.20

You can see the terminal I removed with the wire stub beside it at the bottom. The speaker braket is to the right of the wire. The power feed bracket is above the speaker bracket, and or course, the power feed plug is on the left. It still has its ground wire attached and in decent shape, so I’ll leave it. I’ll have to find a 10gauge (or maybe 8?) wire for the power wire at the electrical supply maybe.

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