VRC-9 update

UPS delivered my new MT-299 and LS-166/U speaker a little while ago. I just couldn’t stand it! I had to take it out to the shop and see what the radio set looked like on the Jeep. Setup was pretty easy – I had to move my axe to put it on the right wheelwell though. The radio slid in and clamped down easily, except for one clamp – I’ll have to see what is going on there. The power supply was hard to clamp down – I figure that is because it is new and tight. The power cables both fit at the correct angles. I am happy with the purchase!

2013-08-02 12.38.38

I am going to have to check my parts Jeep to get the exact location of the mount on the wheelwell. I’m pretty sure the holes are still there. I have this set sitting as far forward as I can without the front seat hitting the radio. The only problem I see with it is that it does take up some of the rear room. The seat wont fold up with it there.

Things to do on this VRC-9 radio set: 1)Find exact location, 2)Make a pair of red oak mounting blocks using diagram on Willysmjeeps, 3)Refinish the MT-299, 4)Replace the power cord, 5) Install power feed from the batteries and 5)run the antenna wire. I am going to have to buy a new CX-1211 “dogbone” – mine has a split in the boot. And I still need a CW-330 cover for the set.

I traded another Willysmjeeps member a few spare parts that I had for a speaker bracket and a power feed shell connector with bracket. I will have to replace the positive cable, but the ground wire is still there. I should get those parts in the mail in a few days

I received a “y” cable last week that looks like it will adapt the old “large” connectors to the new style “small” hand mic and headphone connectors. I paid $15 for this cable – hopefully it will save me the price of buying an H-33 (old style) handset and H-161 headset. Here’s a pic of that setup:

2013-08-02 12.46.41

Now, maybe I’ll be able get around to working on it one day this week while I’m off.

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