Radio power feed almost done

The power feed is installed and wired up. I still have to find some insulated metal cable clamps and install them though. I started out by acquiring 8′ of 6 gauge stranded wire (everybody had red, but I needed black of course! That stuff was $1.60/ft! I bought a crimp on ring terminal and some shrink tubing too. I crimped the terminal to one end, then soldered it and put shrink tubing over it. Next, I decided on how long to make the wire by running it through the back side of the battery box and fishing it to the plug. Then I soldered the female end on and assembled the plug. I drilled a hole down through the tool box and ran the ground wire into the toolbox and installed a grommet. The ground wire attaches to the left seat pivot bolt. I installed the plug into the bracket and hooked and hooked up the power.

2013-08-29 16.06.52

I checked the power – 25v.

Then I ohmed out the MT299 wiring before I plugged it in – everything checked out. I plugged the power cord in and checked for voltage at the power wire on the mount – 25v. I unplugged it and installed the power supply and rt67. I plugged it back up and turned the power supply on – no lights or gauge movement! I turned it off so I wouldn’t burn it up. I turned it back on after a minute and started playing with the dial on the radio. After about 15 seconds the lights came on! I I turned the band dial and the power meter moved! I turned the power supply switch to send and receive and the radio to ring and it acted like it was sending a ring signal – if that makes sense (I know what I’m talking about). I turned it back off, unplugged the power and switched in the rt68. Same thing – everything seems to work!

Next, I put my wood blocks that I laid off the wheel well channels and hole locations on yesterday. I located the mount and blocks in the location given by some of the guys on Willysmjeeps website. It seems like it sticks out into the cargo area more than it should, but I am going to find out for sure before I drill any holes or cut the channels in the spacer blocks.

2013-08-29 09.30.25

I know – it’s blurry.

That’s it for this update.



Radio mount finished

Well I got the MT-299 finished. I wired up the new power wire to the junction box and mounted the box back on the            mount.

2013-08-16 21.07.35

I finally found some oak for the spacer blocks too – I just need to cut them, glue them together, plane them down and mill out the holes and slots. I still haven’t found any 6 gauge wire for the Jeep power feed (Carquest had the right stuff, but only had 4′ of it – of course!).

I’ve worked on my new project a little today, so I didn’t get anything done on the Jeep. I started a new blog about it


MT-299 done (except for power wire)

After 4 days of painting, which includes getting out to the shop before work the past two mornings, the radio mount now has two coats of OD24087 on it. I know, I know (for you purists and perfectionists) – it is supposed to be painted OD2430. The reason it isn’t: I would have had to order the spray paint from one of the main vendors. I could have bought it from TM-9 Ordnance at $13/can + shipping (prob $40 total for 2 cans) and had the perfect color, or Gillespie from a couple of other vendors at $6.50/can + $11 shipping ($24 for 2 cans of paint). I used the Gillespie OD24087 because I already had 1/2 case of spray cans. Only the purists will know the difference.

Yesterday morning and this morning I sprayed the legs and the underside of the tray (with clear – it had varnish on it when I got it and inside of the junction box, so I went back with that. I put everything back together after work tonight, and I think it looks pretty good! The main thing that bothers me is that you can’t see the data plate on it – in fact, I couldn’t even get a picture of it! All of that work to make that plate all pretty – for nothing!




2013-08-06 13.32.00

I’ve already figured out how to install the new power wire. The positive wire goes to the fuse and the ground (which was originally the outer wire shielding twisted together and tinned at the tip) goes to the common bus. I’ll take good pics of the junction box next week when I install that wire. I have acquired the 8 gauge power feed wire and will be installing that next week also. I still need to find some red oak and make the spacers to install the mount.

I also contacted an old friend about rebuilding (or just adjusting and changing the seals) the rear end, since I don’t have time to do it while working all of this overtime – AND the rally is 2 months from now (and I have alot of other stuff that I need to do in the next 2 months).

I just realized when I uploaded the old picture the I installed the legs on the wrong sides – oh well, something to do tomorrow after work!

Work on the radio mount

I installed the radio power feed bracket to start with. Then I moved on to the MT-299. There was alot of paint on that thing – and most of it was chipped up!  2013-08-06 13.32.00

First, I removed the junction box, by removing the two screws on top. Then, I was able to get the mounting legs off by removing the two screws on top and the two screws on the back. That made it easier to strip the paint off of the top of the mount. I had some old paint stripper that I found in the shop (I’d say it is about 7 years old). There was a hole in the side of the can, and it was supposed to be a thick brushable paste, but it was just liquid. It worked though!

After about 3 applications and scrapings, she was clean. I didn’t do the underside because it looked good, and was just coated with lacquer.

2013-08-06 14.47.06

2013-08-06 13.34.10

I sprayed two coats of red oxide on them even though it didn’t have any from the factory.

2013-08-06 14.52.33

Next, I disassembled the mounting legs and hand sanded them. I wasn’t able to get one side apart though – it won’t get as pretty of a paint job as the other side. I did find the original tag on the leg I was able to disassemble. It took alot of stripper, mineral spirits and elbow grease to get the paint off of it without removing the black paint on the tag. Then I sprayed them with two coats of red oxide.

2013-08-06 16.06.50

That’s it for today. Maybe tomorrow I can go find some wire for the power feed and install that. Oh yeah, I did disassemble my replacement power cord and figured out how I will have to hook it up to the junction box.

Now, to find some Signal Corps OD green to paint this stuff!

Parts for the power feed

I got the parts for my radio power feed today. First thing I did was go out and take the plug shell apart and take the positive wire stub out of the rubber grommet (I had to use a propane torch and heat up the terminal until the wire came out). Then I covered the parts with stripper and let them sit for awhile. I took some scotchbrite and took most of the black paint off of them to try to get it down to the anodizing. After the second coat, they were down to the metal and aluminum – there was a little anodizing left. Then I put two coats of OD on them. I will install the power feed bracket and the speaker bracket tomorrow. I used the hole locations off of my parts Jeep to mark them on my Jeep.

2013-08-05 16.49.20

You can see the terminal I removed with the wire stub beside it at the bottom. The speaker braket is to the right of the wire. The power feed bracket is above the speaker bracket, and or course, the power feed plug is on the left. It still has its ground wire attached and in decent shape, so I’ll leave it. I’ll have to find a 10gauge (or maybe 8?) wire for the power wire at the electrical supply maybe.

VRC-9 update

UPS delivered my new MT-299 and LS-166/U speaker a little while ago. I just couldn’t stand it! I had to take it out to the shop and see what the radio set looked like on the Jeep. Setup was pretty easy – I had to move my axe to put it on the right wheelwell though. The radio slid in and clamped down easily, except for one clamp – I’ll have to see what is going on there. The power supply was hard to clamp down – I figure that is because it is new and tight. The power cables both fit at the correct angles. I am happy with the purchase!

2013-08-02 12.38.38

I am going to have to check my parts Jeep to get the exact location of the mount on the wheelwell. I’m pretty sure the holes are still there. I have this set sitting as far forward as I can without the front seat hitting the radio. The only problem I see with it is that it does take up some of the rear room. The seat wont fold up with it there.

Things to do on this VRC-9 radio set: 1)Find exact location, 2)Make a pair of red oak mounting blocks using diagram on Willysmjeeps, 3)Refinish the MT-299, 4)Replace the power cord, 5) Install power feed from the batteries and 5)run the antenna wire. I am going to have to buy a new CX-1211 “dogbone” – mine has a split in the boot. And I still need a CW-330 cover for the set.

I traded another Willysmjeeps member a few spare parts that I had for a speaker bracket and a power feed shell connector with bracket. I will have to replace the positive cable, but the ground wire is still there. I should get those parts in the mail in a few days

I received a “y” cable last week that looks like it will adapt the old “large” connectors to the new style “small” hand mic and headphone connectors. I paid $15 for this cable – hopefully it will save me the price of buying an H-33 (old style) handset and H-161 headset. Here’s a pic of that setup:

2013-08-02 12.46.41

Now, maybe I’ll be able get around to working on it one day this week while I’m off.