Radio and Accessories Pics

I was able to get out to the shop today to take a few pis of my new radios and accessories today.

The first is all of the equipment together. From the left: RT-67 Artillery and PP-112 Power Supply. The radio is in very good condition and the power supply is excellent! On top is an antenna cable and an H250/U handset. Notice that the radio has RT-68 knobs.

RT-67 and PP-112

Next pic is the RT-68 Infantry Radio, PP-112 power supply. The radio is in fair condition (paint wise), and the power supply is in good condition. There is an AB-15 antenna base on an unknown mounting and an unknown headset for a VRC radio set. There are 2 antenna mast sections (MS-117 and AB-24)in front of the set. Notice that the radio has RT-67 knobs. Mike must have gotten mixed up putting them back together? Or maybe he just wanted to put the nicer ones on the nicer radio – I don’t know.

Rt-68, PP-112 and PP-109


Last pic is the PP-109 power supply. It is used to power the radio sets in a 12v vehicle. Some of the other cables included (on top of the PP-109) are a power cable and a control box interconnect cable. The dogbone cable is installed between the RT-67 and PP-112. You can also see the antenna base, headset and cables more completely in this shot.

PP-109 power supply

I’ve been looking around and found the correct handset (H-33/PT) and a speaker (LS-166/U). I don’t know what the correct headset is for this type of set yet. I am still very new to the military radio thing and there is ALOT to learn yet! I know the basic setup (mount, radio, power supply, interconnect cable and antenna base ans mast sections), but the different cables and accessories and their uses are yet to be learned.

There is still a MAJOR purchase left if I am going to mount one of these in the Jeep – the MT-299 mount! I have located a couple of them – waiting on the guys to give me a price.

If anybody reading this post has accessories, cables or a mount, please let me know.

Just a quick update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I thought I would throw out a quick update.

I still haven’t hooked up my new air compressor to sandblast my M100. Nor have I rebuilt the bellcrank. I haven’t put my rebuilt carb on yet or checked the rear end! I haven’t even so much as cranked her up in the past 3 weeks! Between work, vacation and alot of overtime (i’m not complaining about the overtime), I havent had time for the family, much less any hobbies!

With that said, I Mandy and I did go pick up some new additions (accessories) for the Jeep on Saturday. I got them from a fellow g503 forum member. I bought an RT-67 (artillery) and an RT-68 (infantry) radios along with (2) pp112 (24v) power supplies and a pp109 (12v) power supply. He also threw in an ab15 and unknown mount, headset, handset, dogbone, and 5 or 6 cables. They aren’t in great shape outside, but inside looks great! I might strip and repaint the case anyway. I think I got a decent deal on them. He said they were working when they were mounted in his M38. Now, to find an mt-299 mount!

I will take some pics in the next couple of days and post them.

Thats all for now!