Ready to go (to the rally – almost)

I got out to the shop this morning after work and checked the fluids and greased everything. Good thing I did b/c the transfer case was VERY LOW – couldn’t even touch oil in it! I knew it had been leaking, but didn’t think it leaked that much. It took almost 1/2q to fill it back up. Tires were pretty good – just needed a pound or so each.

I also decided to paint my cb speaker, so I took it and the bracket off and sprayed it while I was doing everything else. I took off up the road and drove around for about 5 minutes or so and it was running so good (I was cruising around at about 35 – 40mph) that I kept on going past the driveway and headed down the road to the gas station (about 4 miles away) to fill her up for the rally. Pretty good trip except for having to get on the highway (and dodge all of the crazy ass people on the road!) to get there and back.

When I got back I took the top off and stowed it in the back floorboard. By that time the paint on the speaker was dry, so I put it back on the dash (using the upper fording plate screws). Then I took off up the road again for one more test drive. When I got back I backed he in the shop and remembered that I hadn’t checked the lights. I knew that my passenger headlight was out (high and low beam) because of my ground problem. The rest of the running and blackout bulbs were fine. The brake lights, however, didn’t work! I had been driving around all afternoon (about 25 miles of back roads AND highway – and a cop passed me on the highway!) with no brake lights! The turn signals worked though. I don’t have the time to troubleshoot them, so I guess I will just have to drive around the park property with no trail rides – Oh well!

I’ll go get the trailer tomorrow morning and load her up and take off – everything thing else is ready to go.

I’ll post pick and video if I have an internet connection up there this year – if not I’ll do it as soon as I get home.

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