Got the antenna installed

Well I got the antenna installed this afternoon. Not a hard job at all. I was going to install the L-bracket as it came to me in the mail since it was NOS and had the part number stamped on it.  The paint wasn’t in bad condition either. I held it up to the Jeep in position and marked the 4 side holes with a pencil. (Note: The notch in the L-bracket is to be lined up with the trailer socket ground screw on the back of the Jeep, then the holes drilled from that point.) Then I went and got a hammer, punch, drill and a few drill bits (for the pilot hole, half-size, and full size – 21/64″). I held the bracket back up and double checked my marks before I center punched them. Then I step drilled the 4 holes. Next, I installed the bracket, then marked the holes on the back of the Jeep. I removed the bracket and punched and drilled the back holes.

After the holes were drilled, I bolted the MP50 and the L-bracket together  to install and test fit everything on the Jeep. I found out that the mud guard in the wheel well had to be removed to get to the back bolts. I only had 4 bolts and star washers, so I had to scrounge for the other 2 for the back and the 4 nuts to bolt the MP50 to the bracket. John Bizal had sent me 10 star washers because I mentioned that I never could find them locally.

2013-03-28 14.53.20 2013-03-28 14.53.33

Then I decided that the 2 different greens didn’t look good together, so I disassembled everything and painted the bracket and bolts and washers to match. After they dried to touch, I reassembled the bracket and MP50 and reinstalled it (with the metal backing plate for the bracket) on the Jeep. I reinstalled the mud guard. Then I put the AB15 (antenna base) and mast sections on. The antenna is pretty tall when assembled, I must say. I got my tie down out of the package and put it on the antenna an d tied it down to the mirror arm – I haven’t decided where I’m going to tie it down yet, but either the mirror arm or the driver side w/s wiper motor protector looks like a likely candidate.

Ready to go on a trail ride:

2013-03-28 16.51.47

As a side note – if you have a military antenna mounted on your Jeep and ride on tight trails you have a couple of options: Either take your antenna off, hold it down as far as possible with your hand while being VERY careful of close branches, or leave it straight up. I learned that lesson within 20 feet of turning onto a trail! A SMALL branch caught the antenna tip and the antenna rode the branch up as far as it could before I stopped. When we got back home I removed the antenna and discovered that the top two sections were slightly bent.

I guess the next step will be to consult the forums and find out how to measure the total length of the antenna so that I can cut it to length for use with my cb (I will end up having to cut about a foot off of it because it needs to be about 9′ long – is 122″ now). Then I can run the coax to the cb without worrying about blowing it up.

Another side note – my parts Jeep was a radio Jeep at one time. I got my original measurements off of it. It has the holes drilled for the antenna cable in the rear corner and the fender well also, but I am hesitant about drilling these holes until I install a military radio. It also has the holes to mount the power cable bracket beside the tool box under the passenger seat and screw holes in the floor for the power cable cover.

I just found out a couple of days ago that the NC Steel Soldiers rally will be held April 11-13. It was originally scheduled for the 1st weekend (and I was working), so I wasn’t going. Now I have agreed to go to my cousin’s wedding on the 13th, so it’s going to be hard to do both – decisions, decisions!

2 responses to “Got the antenna installed

    • Yeah, it makes an arch, but not a complete one. Works fine on the trails too. Just make sure to tune your antenna or you’ll burn up your cb! Nice Jeep by the way! Is it a Willys edition? I’ve been wanting one of those since they released them! A military antenna would look good on it, but thats a bunch of holes to be drilling in that new Jeep!

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