Just a little update

Nothing much to report. I put Sta-bil in all of my gas tanks yesterday for the winter – likewise for the Jeep, since I figured I wouldn’t be driving her much in the cold. I drove around a little to circulate the Sta-bil through the carb. When I got back in the shop she still had a miss and would cut off unless I kept the rpms up. I’m guessing it is either the timing or plugs. I will have a little time after New Year’s to work on her, so I’ll start checking then.

I also ordered a solid state regulator to hopefully fix the headlight blowing problem. I am still planning on doing the Pertronix conversion too.

I have 1 day next week open, so I am going to take my spare head to the machine shop to have it reconditioned with new valve guides, seals and a valve job. I’ll take the rest of the engine at a later date to have the exhaust valve guides replaced and valve job done – along with a full block, crank and rod reconditioning. The plan is to get the rebuilt engine installed before the Denton, NC rally in April.

I also plan on getting my M100 done before then, since there is not much to do to it. I should have my new (bigger) compressor after New Year’s (from my Brother’s old body shop), so the blasting should go pretty fast. I also recruited my wife’s 13yo cousin to help me with it (he actually volunteered!).

That’s it for now – will update again when I get back on the electrical checkup and upgrades.