Not much this week – too cold!

I didn’t really mess with the Jeep this week – it was too cold most days! Plus I had to finish the brake job on my old pickup. I ran the new steel lines from the front to the back and out to the wheels. Caught hell getting them bled – finally Mandy got home and helped. They work great now – and she rides like new with the new shocks! It seemed like it was way down on power, so I decided to tear down and rebuild the throttle body. I bought a kit from Oreilly Auto, took the TBI off and tore it down. When I took the cover off of the pressure regulator, the spring came out – broken in half! I called around everywhere (including the Chevrolet dealer), and nobody had just the spring. A new diaphragm came in the kit, but not the spring. I could buy a $50 regulator rebuild kit and get the spring though! I ended up ordering one off of eBay for $15 – will be here in 3 days. All of the gaskets were brittle  – o rings too. I put the new injector fuel filters on, cleaned everything up, put all that I could back together and installed it back on the truck. By the looks of everything around the regulator, the diaphragm was leaking, and with the regulator spring broken (for how long, I don’t know), that might be the reason for the power loss – fingers crossed!

After I was done with the truck, I took a look at the Jeep distributor to see if the centrifugal advance was working – it looks like it is. Then I noticed that the fan belts were loose, and that the generator adjusting arm was loose. The bolt holding it to the block was hanging out of the hole – the nut was gone! I guess I found out why the temp climbed up to 195 and stayed there, huh? I’d really like to know how long that has been like that! I drove it to the BBQ place in the convoy – the temp went to 195 on the way back. I checked the antifreeze when I got back, which was fine – I don’t remember looking at the fan belts though. We went on a trail ride that afternoon and the temp didn’t go over 200 even sitting idling. I only drove it up on the trailer that Sunday – and back off. I drove it about 5 miles around the house the next week. I haven’t heard any squealing. Oh well – it didn’t overheat! I’ll put that on my list – along with the steering gear, rattles and oil leaks!

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