Today was a milestone

Today, we did a convoy to a small town about 22 miles away. We drove over there to Heavy’s BBQ for lunch to help promote his business and our hobby. A couple of people were there from the press taking pictures and video of the trip. We averaged about 40 mph, but got up to 50 or so a couple of times playing catchup. We even had a cop blocking traffic at the (only) intersection in Union Point, GA. People were standing by the road taking pictures and video all along the route. We even saw one man in a truck (driving) taking video.

The Jeep did pretty good, and besides discovering a few more rattles and the temp going up to around 195 on the way back, I am more confidant that it will be reliable. I checked the radiator level when we got back – it was fine. I have an annoying rattle around the transmission/transfer case area I will have to figure out for sure! She did use alot of gas though! I filled her up (about 10Gal) before I left – I was down to probably 2Gal before the convoy. I think I had probably put about 60 miles on her – that comes out to around 7-8mpg. Most of that was with the hubs locked, and on the trails I ran in 4wd Lo, so that might be about right. I went to the pro shop at Durhamtown Plantation and bought 4al for $18, which was enough to get me to town on the convoy. On the way back, I ran out before the convoy and filled her back up. When we got back to Durhamtown, the level was down about an inch in 18 miles.

This afternoon we went on one last trail ride for a couple of hours and got into some deeper mud and ruts and had to bypass one place that even the big trucks were getting stuck in!

I will post up so


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