Yesterday’s activity

Yesterday, my stepdad and I got the brakes bled out – the right front had a good bit of air in the line, the rest were good. I refilled the master cylinder and put the floorplate on. Then we took her for a test drive. I might add that it was about 50 deg outside. We drove down the road and on the way back decided to keep going past the driveway. I got her up to about 55! Man it was cold! Back to the house.

Then I jumped into the Expedition and ran to Lancaster to get the trailer and tractor. Once loaded up, I headed home. I was thinking the tractor weighed about 3,600# and the trailer abou 1,700, but you could really feel it behind the car. After a little research this morning, I found out it weighs 3,800#. Add to that the rollover, boom and trailer hitch = about 4,500# + 1,700# = 6,200#, or about 1,000# more than I thought.

I unloaded the tractor and started working on the trailer lights. The lights wouldn’t work behind the Expedition. It turned out to be a few things, and I still don’t have tail lights on the left rear. To start, the fuse for the tail lights was blown, the right trailer bulb was blown, and the wiring was not right (my fault)! Now everything (except the tail lights on the left – rear) works.

Then I moved on to getting the Jeep ready to travel. I packed up the extra fluids in an old plastic box and packed tools in a small bag. I stored the tool bag, rags, and jack in the tool box under the seat. The spare fluids box went in the passenger floorboard. I pu the folded top on the rear seat and folded it down. For good measure, I ran a cinch strap around the seat (wouldn’t want to lose that top!) and one diagonally across it to keep it from flipping up. I screwed the mast off of the antenna and attached the magnetic base to the underside of the battery box for travel – I’ll put the mast in the car. So I think the Jeep is ready for travel now.

Today’s list includes 1)find a spare rim and tire for the trailer, 2)get a few groceries (I’ll be eating at the kitchen trailer at the rally), 3)pack cloths in the car, 4)hook up the trailer and load the Jeep.

The plan is to leave out tomorrow morning for the 2 1/2 hr drive.

I’ll either post pics or links to the pics and videos on here as I upload them.


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