A couple of small things today

I had some extra time this afternoon, so I decided to do a few things to the Jeep.

First, I re-installed the generator arm – man, that thing is a PITA without a gear wrench! The oil return line is just close enough to block you from using a socket on the front of the bolt, and there is no way to get a socket behind on the nut!

Second, I checked the points while I had the distributor cap off – they were too tight, so I readjusted them and put the cap back on. She fired right up and ran pretty smooth. After she warmed up I went for a ride. I drove up the road and then was pulled over by a guy in a car in front of me when I got into town. He was a retired National Guard maintenance Sergeant. I talked to him for about 10 minutes and then had to go. I drove around a little more – then headed home. I drove about 11 miles total. I must note that the temp was still showing about 195 deg with the fan belts tight. I hope that adjusting the points helped with the gas mileage.

Lastly, I decided to start on my spare steering gear. I didn’t have a steering wheel puller or a gear puller though. The steering wheel wasn’t a problem, as it was trash anyway – so I heated it (along with PB Blaster) and beat it with a hammer until it came off. I still haven’t removed the pitman arm – I’ll wait until I can acquire a gear puller when I’m off next time to pull it off. I did get everything else torn down and cleaned up though. The worm gear looks pretty good – almost new. I looked at the sector shaft as good as I could, but it looked good from what I could tell too.

Here’s a before pic:

And one after the teardown (except for the pitman arm). I will have to get a new tube because the other one was bent in a couple of places pretty bad. I also need to buy a steering shaft seal. I’ll get those ordered so I can get this thing finished and installed the next time I’m off.


Not much this week – too cold!

I didn’t really mess with the Jeep this week – it was too cold most days! Plus I had to finish the brake job on my old pickup. I ran the new steel lines from the front to the back and out to the wheels. Caught hell getting them bled – finally Mandy got home and helped. They work great now – and she rides like new with the new shocks! It seemed like it was way down on power, so I decided to tear down and rebuild the throttle body. I bought a kit from Oreilly Auto, took the TBI off and tore it down. When I took the cover off of the pressure regulator, the spring came out – broken in half! I called around everywhere (including the Chevrolet dealer), and nobody had just the spring. A new diaphragm came in the kit, but not the spring. I could buy a $50 regulator rebuild kit and get the spring though! I ended up ordering one off of eBay for $15 – will be here in 3 days. All of the gaskets were brittleĀ  – o rings too. I put the new injector fuel filters on, cleaned everything up, put all that I could back together and installed it back on the truck. By the looks of everything around the regulator, the diaphragm was leaking, and with the regulator spring broken (for how long, I don’t know), that might be the reason for the power loss – fingers crossed!

After I was done with the truck, I took a look at the Jeep distributor to see if the centrifugal advance was working – it looks like it is. Then I noticed that the fan belts were loose, and that the generator adjusting arm was loose. The bolt holding it to the block was hanging out of the hole – the nut was gone! I guess I found out why the temp climbed up to 195 and stayed there, huh? I’d really like to know how long that has been like that! I drove it to the BBQ place in the convoy – the temp went to 195 on the way back. I checked the antifreeze when I got back, which was fine – I don’t remember looking at the fan belts though. We went on a trail ride that afternoon and the temp didn’t go over 200 even sitting idling. I only drove it up on the trailer that Sunday – and back off. I drove it about 5 miles around the house the next week. I haven’t heard any squealing. Oh well – it didn’t overheat! I’ll put that on my list – along with the steering gear, rattles and oil leaks!

All clean!

Yesterday I sanded down and painted/varnished my “new” axe. Today, I got out the pressure washer and gave her a bath – 2 hrs worth! I pressure washed everything (except the inside – I’m scared to get the seats wet because it might set the orange in them) – underneath and the engine compartment. Then I hand washed the body. I am happy to announce that the only damage the pressure washer did was peel the sticker off the oil filter. I didn’t put the high pressure water on the markings though. The only damage I see from offroading (besides the orange tinged seats) is a few scuffs on the sides, and a few marks in the wheel wells. After the wash I put the top back on. Then I went for a ride to the old asphalt plant to play on the gravel piles (they left the gate open). Then back to the field for another pic.

Doesn’t look like much, but this is about 60′ up – the other side of that hill is about a 30′ dropoff! This is small, loose gravel too – I tried 3 times to go up the hill but started spinning – then I realized I didn’t have the front hubs locked! She went right up it after that. I tried to climb a crush and run pile, but she could only get about 5′ up it and dug straight down.

Yeah, this pic sucks, but I was too lazy to turn it around for another shot!

Another bad one

Also, while I was looking at her sitting in the shop yesterday, I decided to measure to see if the left side sag was a frame or a spring problem. There is a 1.5″ sag on the driver front, 3/4″ driver rear compared to the passenger side. I measured from the fender lip to the top of the hub on each side. Bumper to the ground on the back. Then I measured from the frame to the top of the spring to see if the spring was at fault – turns out the driver front spring has that much less arch. I emailed Walcks about there springs – they have less leaves and riveted clips. Not original. I found a spring rebuilder in Columbia, but I haven’t called them yet. I would like to keep the stock appearance, but an aftermarket, bolt on spring with a better ride would be nice too – and probably cheaper.


That’s it for today – probably until next week when I get off night shift.



AAR (After Action Review) of Durhamtown rally

Well we all made it home safe and sound. The Jeep is in the shop waiting for a clear, dry day to blow all of the red dust off of her (seat covers mainly) so it doesn’t have a permanent orange tinge to the OD. As a side note, I didn’t experience any shimmy or “death wobble” during the 40 mile convoy – just the looseness in the steering gear.

Here is a final pic of her before we left:

And one of the whole family:

And here are some Youtube videos that we took this week:

Today was a milestone

Today, we did a convoy to a small town about 22 miles away. We drove over there to Heavy’s BBQ for lunch to help promote his business and our hobby. A couple of people were there from the press taking pictures and video of the trip. We averaged about 40 mph, but got up to 50 or so a couple of times playing catchup. We even had a cop blocking traffic at the (only) intersection in Union Point, GA. People were standing by the road taking pictures and video all along the route. We even saw one man in a truck (driving) taking video.

The Jeep did pretty good, and besides discovering a few more rattles and the temp going up to around 195 on the way back, I am more confidant that it will be reliable. I checked the radiator level when we got back – it was fine. I have an annoying rattle around the transmission/transfer case area I will have to figure out for sure! She did use alot of gas though! I filled her up (about 10Gal) before I left – I was down to probably 2Gal before the convoy. I think I had probably put about 60 miles on her – that comes out to around 7-8mpg. Most of that was with the hubs locked, and on the trails I ran in 4wd Lo, so that might be about right. I went to the pro shop at Durhamtown Plantation and bought 4al for $18, which was enough to get me to town on the convoy. On the way back, I ran out before the convoy and filled her back up. When we got back to Durhamtown, the level was down about an inch in 18 miles.

This afternoon we went on one last trail ride for a couple of hours and got into some deeper mud and ruts and had to bypass one place that even the big trucks were getting stuck in!

I will post up so

Just 1 pic so far

Well, I just have one picture that I took after the 2nd trail ride at the rally – nobody to take pictures or video while I am driving, and I really haven’t gotten any more mud on it since, so here is that pic


I did buy an axe for $10 – everybody online is selling them for $25 and up! I don’t care if it is a 1950s axe – mine says US and 4# – that’s what the other ones say too.Image

Here’s a pic of the bonfire on the 1st official night of the rally – it was about 20′ across and 12′ tall. When they lit it up, the flames got up to probably 30′ in the air after it got going – pretty impressive (and hot) with all of those vehicles within 75′ of it. Image

I have a little bit of video (of other people), but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it off of the camera.