Today’s accomplishments

I got a couple of things done today – which is a pretty big deal (considering!). I ended up sleeping until 11:30 this morning – didn’t realize how tired I was! Once I finally got outside, I had to take the pool down before I could start on the Jeep (it is an easy set 0 17′) – that ended up taking about 2 1/2 hours.

I have been meaning to check my trailer receptacle to make sure it works, so I jumped on that first thing. It needed to be  re clocked by turning the “key” from 3 o’clock to the 9 o’clock position – just to be able to plug the trailer in. Of course, this involves taking the wiring cover in the wheel well off to access the nuts. Taking the cover off involves having to fold the seat to access the side bolts. Folding the seat involves taking the screws out of the J-hooks. Anyway, after I re clocked the plug, I backed over to my M101a2 trailer to check the light operation. I plugged her up, checked the 4 way flashers and turn signals and running lights – all worked! Then, I got the idea that the trailer needed to be moved from in front of the shop to beside the shop, so I hooked it up to the pintle, folded the landing leg and disengaged the brakes. I got back in the Jeep, released the handbrake, revved the engine, and off we went! I figured I’d better take it for a spin around the field since it hasn’t been moved since November. The old Jeep did pretty well pulling the 1,300# trailer, but liked 2nd gear the most with it back there. Then, I stopped for a camera op:

Then back to the house – but not without checking the trailer’s articulation (and to drain the water out of it!):

Then I parked it beside the shop. I am supposed to be getting some bows for the trailer at the rally next month – then I can put a tarp over it to keep the water out. This one will probably get restored next year.

I got the Jeep back in the shop and changed the headlights out – fingers crossed that they won’t burn out fast like the last set did. I added an extra ground wire running from each light to the frame in case it was a ground problem.

Then, I started looking for my master cylinder cover. I looked for about 10 minutes, grabbed a beer, and leaned back against the bench to think about it. After gazing at everything in the shop for about 5 minutes, I realized that I hadn’t moved the stuff on the top shelf of my main storage rack. Sure enough, it was under something – along with a reflector housing. I figured I might as well see if it still fit, so I test fit it in the Jeep. Then I realized I needed to find some bolts for it, so I went and found 4 bolts. When test fitting, I realized I needed 1 long bolt, so I found one a little longer – then I painted them.

Next, I started putting together a tool kit to take on the trip. I got pretty much everything I need in it, except for a couple of wrenches – I’ll get those in there before I leave. I also got a gallon of water and a quart of oil – I’ll have to buy a quart of gear oil. And I will need a small fire extinguisher and bottle jack.

I wiped the whole Jeep down because there was dust from the body shop all over her. Then I spray painted the body hold down bolts and washers that weren’t already painted – that touch up thing again. I’ll have to give her a bath before we go – to get her ready for that Georgia mud!

Then I turned my attention to the Jerry can. It needs to be painted and the inside cleaned and sealed.

I started sanding with 150 grit – that did pretty good on the sides and bottom, but just wouldn’t do the job on the top. I tried 100 – that wouldn’t do it, so I switched to 50 grit – that started to do the job. After sanding about 30 minutes, she was as good as it was going to get, so I primed her:

When I started priming I realized that it will have to be sanded  A LOT better (with 220 grit maybe), and that there are pin holes everywhere (at least 10 – 12 of them), so it is going to have to be sealed. I probably should have taken it to the shop and bead blasted it instead of sanding, but that will have to wait – Hell, you could see where it was BRUSH PAINTED the last time!

I’ll sand it down, prime it and paint it (spray bomb) tomorrow.

That’s today’s update.

Tomorrow’s list:

  1. I plan on getting Mandy to help me bleed the brakes (the vacuum bleeder sucks!)
  2. Install the master cylinder heat shield
  3. Install the master cylinder cover
  4. Sand, prime and paint the Jerry can
  5. Put the top bows back on (strapped down for travel)
  6. Take 1 of my M100 wheels off for the Jeep spare
  7. Sand and prime the wheel


2 responses to “Today’s accomplishments

  1. Looks like your getting her done,looks great! Seems like when a guy finishes one thing 5 more things pop up to do.I share your joys and frustrations with the old jeeps ,but a challenge well worth doing.Keep us updated, motivates me to keep on this project. Raymond Pombo

  2. Yeah, she’s almost (I say that ALOT) done – my goal is to have her ready for the rally before I go back to work next Thursday. I took off a few days this week to make sure she IS done. We are going to the Steel Soldiers rally in Georgia on the 12th of October.

    You are definately right – the final list never seems to get shorter! I find or think of something else every time I check something off! But as long as she is pretty much done and mechanically sound, she is going to the rally – I can nit pick from now on!

    I’m glad I am helping you to keep going on yours – I know I needed motivation MANY times during my resto! Keep it up – it’s well worth it like you said!


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