Details, details

I did a few things today. I got the markings touched up as best I could. I ended up using 1/8″ and 1/4″black pin striping to tape it off because I couldn’t find any 1/4″ masking tape. It worked alright, but there were some places that didn’t stick down (like around curves), so I got some bleed through there.  It turned out OK – it will do for now.

I also painted my wheel weights and touched up all bare metal or chipped paint (or stuff I never did paint).

After I got the touch ups done, I put all the body bolts back in and tightened the fender bolts and steering column bolts. I changed the fuel filter and (hopefully) fixed the fuel leak at the “T” under the right motor mount. I checked to see if the fuel gauge not working was a ground problem by running a temporary wire – still didn’t work. My brake lights aren’t working for some reason – hopefully after I bleed the brakes they will work.

I took a little ride – just because. I rode down the road to the field and around it a little. I tested 4wd high and low range – didn’t have any extra loud noises or vibration. The temp gauge is working now. Then I rode over to the asphalt plant road. I got her up to about 40mph and didn’t get any wobble and it seemed to ride smoother because the wheels are balanced now. When I got her back in the shop and parked, I didn’t see any fuel drips under the right side.

Tomorrow the plan is to find my master cylinder cover (I saw it a couple of months ago, but can’t remember where), bleed the brakes and  change the headlights. I might try the fuel gauge again too. I still need to get my gas can cleaned and sealed and painted and my spare tire/wheel sanded and painted too.

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