Did a little troubleshooting today

I got started today with a little troubleshooting on my “cutting off” problem.

– I pulled the plugs, cleaned and gapped them and put them back in

– I pulled air horn (top) off the carb and adjusted the float (it was set at about 3/8″, which is way low – it is supposed to be set at    9/64″), and checked to make sure all the ports were clear.

– I soaked up the gas in the bowl (it was clean though) and tried to pull the metering rod and diaphragm out – it was stuck. I could   not even turn it. I took some channel locks and got it to turn and pulled it out. I cleaned it up with steel wool and checked the diaphragm for holes  – then put it back in and tested it to make sure it moved.

– I pulled the accelerator diaphragm and checked it – it was fine.

– I blew out all the passages that I could get to.

– I ran a wire thru the idle screw hole and cleaned up the screw with steel wool.

After I got all of that cleaned up and functioning correctly, I put it all back together and fired her up. She fired right up and idled pretty good. I adjusted the idle until she idled smooth and lean with no hesitation when the throttle was pressed. I guess the stuck metering rod was the cause of the miss that I have been hearing since I first fired her up, because that is gone too!

Test Drive

I went for a ride down the road (about 6 miles total). It seemed like she had a good bit more power – a was able to get up to 45mph a lot quicker and even went to 52mph without too much trouble! I pulled back into the shop for a little fine tuning. After a couple of minutes idling, she cut off! The good thing is that she fired back up with a little persuasion.

A few other little things on the list

While I was waiting, I thought I would work on a few other things that needed to be done. I pulled the distributor and checked the cap, rotor and point gap – all were fine.

I painted my seat hold down device (it is actually a 4″ door lock that was an Army field modification) last week, so today I had a few minutes to install it. They were brazed on by the Army, but it was a little too close to the gas tank for me to be throwing flames or sparks around, so I installed it with machine screws and nuts – works fine like that. I’ll put a pic on here of that tomorrow.

I tracked down the rattle finally. I was starting to get worried because it was sounding more and more like a main bearing knock. It turns out that it really is the generator vibrating. I’m going to have to figure out how to stop it, because it is mounted with rubber bushings in the main generator mounts.

My windshield wipers don’t seem to have enough vacuum to work, so I thought I would try to find out why I don’t. I unhooked the line coming from the distributor and plugged that hole – the wipers worked! So then I checked the distributor line for the small orifice that is supposed to be there – it wasn’t. I pulled the one off of my parts Jeep and put it on – problem solved! I checked vacuum and only have 10# – I think it is supposed to have around 19#. The experts say that if you adjust your timing to maximum vacuum, it is timed correctly – so maybe I will adjust the timing this way tomorrow.

Another test drive

I took another test drive up the driveway and back – parked in the shop and idled a little while – she cut off again! I was able to start her back up though – with a little persuasion again.

I’ll try adjusting the timing a little tomorrow – maybe that will fix the problem.

The only other thing I can think of is maybe the coil is overheating or bad – maybe I’ll check that too.

2 responses to “Did a little troubleshooting today

  1. Hey again,I’ve had the same problem with the engine cutting out. I blew out the fuel line and started right up.then a couple days later same thing,blew out the line and cleared up again.Maybe this will help. Raymond Pombo

    • Thanks for the idea Raymond! I am thinking that it might be a fuel problem because, as soon as it cut off the second time I pulled the fuel line at the carb and turned her over – no fuel!

      I might try to blow the line out today as well. I do have a new tank, cleaned the fuel pickup filter, and have new lines, but when I first fired her up I wasn’t getting any gas. I traced that back to a plugged pickup tube. I guess some of that trash could have gotten in the line also.

      I am thinking that it is more likely that the cam fuel pump lobe is worn down (which it is, because I looked at it during the fuel pump ordeal) and I am not getting enough fuel – do you know how to test that? I have a fuel/vacuum gauge, but don’t know how to hook it up to test my fuel pressure.

      The other thiing that it could be is the coil might not be putting out a hot enough spark when hot (will test that today).

      Thanks again for the input, and for continuing to watch my blog!

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