She’s got new shoes and a tag

Well, I got her tires changed today – they look great on her! They charged $48 to take the old ones off and put the new ones on. When I got home, I notices 2 things: 1)There is  3 nice scratches on one of the rims – enough to probably require repainting!, and 2) THEY DIDN’T BALANCE THE DAMN THINGS! Now, I ask you – what tire service shop mounts new tires and doesn’t balance them? I called them, they apologized and told me to bring them back up there. I told him I would drive it up there when it’s done and they can take them off to balance them.

Anyway, it looks great with the correct tires on it.

After I got them put back on and took these pics, I ran in and changed cloths and ran to the DMV to get a tag. I think this tag is a perfect fit. I can only get 2 of them, so I went ahead and got consecutive # plates – put the other one on my daily driver (HHR). I also reversed the tag bracket so that the tag wouldn’t be vibrating on the bumperette and centered it under the gas can carrier. I think I might cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood to go behind the plate for a little support. Jordan said I need a green frame for it too – I might have to look for one I can paint.

Now that’s a proper looking rear end! Hopefully I can pick up my hood tomorrow and get it painted.

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